Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3961

In Charlie wade’s opinion, since it was not yet clear whether the An Family was an enemy or a friend, there was naturally no need for him to actively reveal his identity.

                As for who exactly in the An Family needed the Spring Return Pill, he did not want to explore it for the time being.

                Lai Qinghua(Exoer) also felt that what Charlie wade said made sense, since the An Family could let An Chongqiu come over to find out the truth, it did prove that their need for the Spring Return Pill was not that urgent.

                Otherwise, they would have come over on their own like Garet did.

                Thus, he arched his hand towards Charlie wade and smiled, “Young Master Wade, I will go back to the scene first.”

                Charlie wade nodded and said, “You go back first and wait for a moment, and I will make some arrangements to let the auction continue.”

                With that, Lai Qinghua(Exoer) excused himself and left the VIP room.

                After Lai Qinghua(Exoer) left, Charlie wade picked up the phone and called He Zhiqiu(Ziva), who was in charge of Isu shipping, and once the phone call was made, he asked her directly, “Zhiqiu(Ziva), are there any ships going to the Middle East recently?”

                “Yes.” He Zhiqiu(Ziva) said, “The first batch of grain you promised to give to Syria has already been loaded at the port of Haicheng, and will be sailing in the next two days.”

                Charlie wade immediately said, “You should select the most trustworthy captain and the necessary crew and engine crew now, have them start preparing now and try to set sail tonight, I will have the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall bring two people over later, when the time comes to go to the Middle East on this ship, make sure to keep it strictly confidential.”

                When He Zhiqiu(Ziva) heard Charlie wade’s order, he did not pursue any details and immediately said, “Yes Mr wade, I will make the arrangements, we should be able to set sail within two hours at the earliest, when will the people you want to send over from your side come over?”

                Charlie wade looked at the time and spoke, “I’ll arrange for a helicopter to take them there, it’ll only take an hour or two if it’s quick.”

                He Zhiqiu(Ziva) said dryly, “Then I’ll make the arrangements here, have them prepare to set sail, plus I’ll have them partition off half of the ship’s living quarters, so that none of them will be allowed to travel to the other half of the area at that time.”

                “Good.” Charlie wade said with satisfaction, “Then you make the arrangements first, I’ll also have someone on my side get ready, and I’ll have someone contact you when the time comes to dock the specific details.”


                After hanging up the phone, Charlie wade immediately picked up the intercom and spoke, “Is Xion there? Come meet me in the VIP room.”

                Charlie wade had previously instructed Isaac Cameron to reserve a luxury suite for Xion in the VIP wing of Buckingham (Shangri-la) Palace, so that she could stay here regularly, so tonight Xion was also attending the auction as one of the security personnel.

                A few moments later, Xion, who was dressed in a security uniform and had a valiant appearance, came to the VIP room with quick steps, and once she saw Charlie wade, she said respectfully, “Mr Wade, you’re looking for me?”

                Charlie wade nodded and spoke, “Xion, go and purchase some daily necessities as well as food, clothing and personal items that your women need to use, after you have done so, you have to send two people to the Middle East for me overnight and return after you have handed them both over to Wan Bu Jun.”

                Xion didn’t ask for any details and immediately said, “Then I’ll get on with it!”

                After saying that, she suddenly remembered something and hastily asked, “Do I need to prepare a pa*sport?”

                If one were to leave the country through the normal customs, naturally one would need to prepare a pa*sport, both for leaving and entering the country.

                However, if you were to leave the country through a non-normal channel, your pa*sport would basically be of no use.

                Charlie wade then said, “There is no need to prepare pa*sports, you guys take the boat and leave overnight, I will have Wan Breaking Army meet you there.”

                “Okay Mr wade!” Xion immediately nodded and said, “Then I’ll go do it.”


                After arranging everything, Charlie wade then returned to the monitoring room.

                At this moment, the monitoring room could see that the auction site was silent, everyone was patiently waiting for the auction to restart, except for Bernard Elnor who was now scratching his ears in anxiety.

                His mood had gone up and down several times this evening, culminating in the moment when Garet announced his abstention, but as the minutes ticked by, his mood became anxious and apprehensive again, fearing that something else would go wrong in this matter.