Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3959

When Charlie wade said this, Phoebe and Garet’s jaws dropped in shock.

                Charlie wade’s lightly spoken words were like a rolling thunderstorm in the ears of the two grandparents.

                The two grandfathers and grandsons had never dreamed that the Wade family had given half of their family fortune to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in exchange for the lord of the Hall’s net, but in reality, it was the complete opposite!

                Not only did the Wade family not give up half of their family fortune to the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, Charlie wade even took the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Hall under his wing!

                This was a mercenary group of tens of thousands of people!

                Although such a mercenary group could not be compared to the military of the United States of America, its scale and combat power was no longer comparable to a rich and powerful family like the Flynn family.

                Phoebe’s brain had not yet reacted, while Garet was instantly enlightened and said offhandedly, “No wonder …… No wonder when entering, Master Yuan once voiced his doubts, saying that the security personnel here were almost all martial arts experts, the lowest cultivation level was even a three-star martial artist, and the higher ones even had a few five-star martial artists, so many experts that even his division could not compare, thinking that these must all be people from the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons ……”

                Charlie wade nodded and said frankly and readily, “That’s right, those in charge of the security of the entire auction this time are all generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, that Yuan Shi you mentioned should be the one who has been following you just now, right? His cultivation level is indeed not bad, he has reached the level of a seven-star martial artist, and when placed in the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, he is also at the level of the four great battle kings.”

                Garet looked at Charlie wade in shock and muttered, “Young Master Wade you …… how do you know that Master Yuan he is a seven-star martial artist?!”

                In fact, when asking this question, Garet already had an answer in his heart.

                Why would Charlie wade know Yuan Zixu’s cultivation level?

                The only possibility was that his cultivation level was far above Yuan Zixu’s!

                Phoebe was even more shocked, and she felt more and more at this moment that she was a mere cloud compared to Charlie wade!

                At this moment, Charlie wade first laughed without saying anything, and only after a moment did he laugh blandly, “Otherwise, Mr. Flynn thought, what did I, Charlie wade, rely on to subdue the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall? Was it by being handsome?”

                The dumbfounded Phoebe suddenly broke her defences when she heard Charlie wade’s words.

                She couldn’t help but give a light laugh, and then hurriedly and sensibly shut her mouth.

                But it was also this soft laugh that immediately relaxed her mood.

                At this time, Garet also finally understood that the reason why Joel, who had been protecting Phoebe before, had disappeared in Aurous Hill must have been Charlie wade’s doing as well.

                And Yuan Zixu had once said that the one who could make Joel disappear without a sound must be an expert among experts, and I was afraid that he had already broken through the Dark Realm.

                In that case, Charlie wade must be that Dark Realm expert.

                Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to take the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall under his wing!

                Thinking of this, his gaze was awe-inspiring, and his eyes were filled with awe as he looked at Charlie wade, bowing respectfully to him and saying reverently, “Young Master Wade has made such an achievement at such a young age, the future of the Wade family is bound to be unlimited!”

                Charlie wade smiled faintly, looked at the time and spoke, “Old Mr. Flynn, it’s getting late, you and Miss Flynn should also depart.”

                After saying that, Charlie wade looked at Phoebe and said seriously, “Miss Flynn, I will inform Wan Bujun to provide you with good hospitality when you arrive in the Middle East, but after all, it is to the Middle East and the conditions are somewhat difficult, so you and Old Mr. Flynn still need to overcome more.”

                Phoebe also knew very well that even if Charlie wade had the ability to help Grandpa regain his great power, he himself was not qualified to ask him to help at all.

                Now that Charlie wade was willing to save grandpa and herself from death, it was already considered a great favour.

                So, she choked with gratitude and said, “Thank you, Young Master Wade, for your great kindness, Phoebe will never forget it!”

                Charlie wade waved his hand and added, “Zhong Dong Yuan, you first accompany Old Mr. Flynn to the hospital, I will have someone prepare some food and supplies, and some daily necessities to bring on board for you in advance.”

                Phoebe nodded repeatedly while shedding tears and choked up, “Thank you Young Master Wade …… Thank you!”

                Charlie wade smiled lightly, looked at Garet again, and spoke, “Old Mr. Flynn, you still need to cooperate next.”