Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3958

             The son was trying to let himself die in the country, which was based on dying a little faster.

                What if he died too slowly?

                Thinking of this, Garet felt a shiver run down his spine.

                Phoebe was also a little panicked all of a sudden.

                She subconsciously asked Charlie wade: “Young Master Wade …… Then what do you think, what should he do now, grandpa ……”

                Charlie wade blandly said, “At times like this, don’t think that you can still kill a comeback to regain the top, the only option now is to find a way to live on while accepting defeat.”

                Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) immediately said with some concern, “Young Master Wade, their grandfather and grandson have no one to rely on in Aurous Hill, although they have a Yuan Zixu by their side, but if the other party finds out that Garet has been alive, he will definitely have trouble sleeping and eating, at that time, I am afraid that he will not be able to resist and send someone over himself, in that case, one Yuan Zixu will not be enough to resist ah ……”

                The other party is in charge of a family fortune of nearly a trillion dollars, so I’m afraid there are as many experts that can be mobilized in secret, and their intelligence capabilities are even more immeasurable, so even if you and your grandfather want to hide, you definitely won’t be able to.”

                Phoebe suddenly became nervous, it did not matter if she could not go back to the United States, but if the other party really lost patience and wanted to let her grandfather die early, she had no countermeasures at the moment.

                At this time, Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) could not help but plead with Charlie wade: “Young Master Wade, if they have no one to shelter them, I am afraid they will be in a lot of danger. I beg you to see that they have no one to rely on, try to think of a foolproof plan for them, so that Garet can live the rest of his life in peace ……”

                Charlie wade said somewhat helplessly, “Mr. Lai(Exoer), I have already booked my trip and will be leaving for the United States with my wife at the end of the month. Even if I leave them in the care of my men in Aurous Hill now, once the other side really comes looking for them, those men of mine may not be able to protect them.”

                Phoebe put aside all her dignity at this point and once again knelt down on both knees, sobbing uncontrollably and said, “Young Master Wade …… my grandfather and I are now at our wits’ end, please be merciful and at least save my grandfather’s life …… as for myself I’m sure I don’t need to bother you anymore, please!”

                Charlie wade originally did not want to interfere with the Flynn family’s affairs, because he was also clear that such matters were beyond his current capabilities.

                Although his own personal strength was strong, it was impossible to keep the two grandchildren with him all the time; the

                that although the strength he could currently control was not bad, his roots were still shallow after all, and there was definitely still a big gap compared to the Flynn family.

                Moreover, one was not prepared to identify with the An family for the time being, let alone begging the An family for the Flynn family’s affairs

                Although there was still a Ten Thousand Dragons Hall in his hand, he couldn’t let Wan Breaking Army fight his way through with the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, could he?

                A mercenary organisation like the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall seemed to be very strong to say the least, but it could only survive in the cracks of this world.

                If they were to go to the United States and start a fight, and if they were to make an enemy of the top American families, they would have no chance of winning once the United States intervened.

                Thinking about the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, Charlie wade suddenly had a plan in mind.

                If the other side really sends people to kill you all, I can’t protect you all, and then you won’t be safe in Aurous Hill.”

                The first thing I’d like to do is to send a car to take you to the hospital, and then quietly arrange for the soldiers of the Dragon Palace to take you out of the hospital, and then take you directly to the port to take a boat to the Middle East. Even if they find you, they won’t be able to do anything to you on the territory of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall.”

                “Ten Thousand Dragons Temple?!” Hearing these three words, Phoebe subconsciously asked, “Young Master Wade, isn’t the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall an enemy of the Wade Family?”

                Charlie wade grunted and said blandly, “That’s all old history, now the 50,000 or so people up and down the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall are all loyal to me.”