Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3948

The call was quickly answered.

Only, the caller didn’t make any Sound.

Gritting his teeth, Garet roared low in indignation, “Ba sta rd! You beast! Why did you do this! Why?!”

On the other end of the phone, a somewhat old voice came through and spoke, “Dad …… I am already in my seventies this year, you are also familiar with history books, look at a prince like me who is in his seventies, even if you put it in ancient times, you can’t find many, right?”

Garet questioned in a stern voice, “Can’t wait to succeed the throne, so you’re letting me die? Don’t you forget that I gave you your life! Everything you have, I gave you! The entire Flynn family was built by me! Don’t you know any gratitude at all?”

The person on the other end of the phone laughed bitterly and said, “Dad, if you don’t go after longevity, I’ll definitely be at your side and wait until I’m in your old age, playing the role of a filial son ……”

The other party sighed, “But you are already over ninety years old, haven’t you lived long enough? At such an old age, why do you still want to be obsessed with longevity? If you do seek immortality, what will you ask me to do?”

Garet shouted angrily, “B*****d! You think I have a long life?”

The other party smiled faintly and said seriously, “Dad, you have believed in fate all your life, you should know that to change fate against the heavens is a violation of heaven’s way, and it is also a kind of damage to the blessings of your children and grandchildren. Do you want to live another twenty years and then send me away as your son?”

Garet gritted his teeth and said, “If I seek the way to longevity, how could I treat you badly! You are my flesh and blood!”

The other party sighed, “Dad, do you mean that we should live together as father and son for a few more decades, and then I will be the Crown Prince for a few more decades? When I’m a hundred years old, I’ll still be saddled up beside you and serve you?”

At this point, the other party gave a slight pause and said seriously, “I don’t want your life, I just want you to let nature take its course.”

“Good one to let nature take its course ……,” Garet muttered, gritting his teeth, “You know that my life is not long, if you miss this Spring Return Pill, you may not even see the last of me!”

The other party said indifferently, “To be honest, I wasn’t prepared to see you one last time either.”

After all, you have been away for so many years, and you have reached the age of returning to your roots, so you should not come back from so far away. Even if you come back, I won’t let you enter the country, and if you die on the way, I, as a son, won’t be able to bear it.”

“So, from now on, you can live in peace in your home country.”

“If you are destined to live a long life, then I, as a son, will be very happy.

“But if you are not destined to live to be a hundred years old, then when you die, I, as your son, will naturally send you off in mourning and in style!”

Hearing this, Garet’s heart already hated him to the core.

How could he not know what his son’s words meant?

Although the other party had made the words sound so grand, the essence was just eight words.

Die in the country and don’t come back!

At this moment, Garet’s heart was in agony.

                He did not expect that his eldest son, who in his eyes used to value affection and kinship and who looked up to him in everything, would have already resented the fact that his life was too long.

                The fact that he had travelled all the way to Aurous Hill to seek longevity was bound to make his eldest son furious.

                That is why he suddenly tore his face off and revealed his original form at this time.

                Although Garet was extremely resentful, he knew very well that since his eldest son had successfully usurped the throne and got almost all the board members to vote in favour of him, it proved that he must have completely controlled the situation over in the United States and had enough certainty to make himself powerless to resist.

                The fact that so many board members supported him is also another indication that he has lost trust in the minds of the board members.

                Even if he still had the strength, he would have no hope of overturning the current situation.

                After all, he was tens of thousands of kilometres away from the United States, and his inner circle had been purged by his eldest son.

                So he suppressed his anger and said, “Fine! Since you have already made arrangements for me, when I die, bury me in my homeland, I want to rest with my parents.”

                The other party said apologetically, “Sorry dad, I have already found a cemetery for you in the United States, I have chosen the most expensive cemetery in the United States, around your cemetery and your neighbours are basically all the presidents of the United States and the top plutocrats, I believe you will be very satisfied when you rest here in the future.”

                Garet asked in a trembling voice, “This is the only request I have, and you can’t even agree to it?”

                The other party sighed somewhat helplessly, “Dad, if you are not buried in America and by my side after a hundred years, people will definitely gossip about me behind my back.”

                After a pause, the other party added, “Besides, your children and grandchildren are all in the United States, so I can’t go back to China to pay respects to you on the first, fifteenth and Qingming holidays. If you are buried in the United States, it will be more convenient for us as children.”

                Garet was silent for a moment and let out a miserable laugh: “Good …… good …… really good …… I Garet can have a son of tiger and wolf like you, really Three lives are lucky! Three lives are lucky!”

                The person on the other end of the phone was not at all bothered by Garet’s cynicism and said indifferently, “Dad, as the old saying goes, a tiger’s father has no dog’s son, and I could not have gotten to where I am today without your words and example.”

                The other party added, “Dad, I have just taken over the board of directors, there are too many things to do, and there are still many of your old ministries to deal with one by one, so I won’t catch up with you anymore.

                If you and the others don’t come back without permission, I won’t make things difficult for Phoebe’s family after you leave, but if you and the others dare to come back secretly, then don’t blame me for being ungrateful! !”