Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3945

                “But to us, US$300 billion is not important, the rules are most important!”

                “We will not hesitate to expel anyone who tries to challenge the rules and fairness of our auction!”

                “No matter how much money he has, no matter how high he is, he is not welcome here!”

                Garet cackled in his heart.

                He recalled how Huo Yuanzheng had just been expelled and knew in his heart that he had been a little forgetful.

                It was already God’s grace to have such a chance, so what else did he have to dwell on?

                Thinking of this, he immediately gave up his struggle and spoke, “I am willing to pay twenty-one billion!”

                Bernard Elnor broke down and shouted out of turn, “Miss Moore, this old man is talking so much nonsense, why don’t you expel him! He should be told to get lost immediately!”

                Jasmine said in a cold voice, “016, if anyone doesn’t shut up after my warning of imminent expulsion, I will naturally expel him, so from now on, neither you nor 035 are allowed to say any more nonsense, otherwise, whoever it is, will be expelled, at which point this Spring Return Pill, will be split up again into four parts and auctioned off on the spot! “

                The audience was immediately boiling over, and someone shouted out of the blue, “Expel them both!”

                Jasmine looked at that person and said in a cold voice, “No. 173, if you make any more noise, I’ll have the staff expel you!”

                Only then did the audience have the sense to shut their mouths.

                Garet also dared not think otherwise and immediately said firmly, “I am willing to pay twenty-one billion! Please give me the phone and I will arrange payment now!”

                Bernard Aylneau broke down at once and hid his face in tears.

                The staff immediately handed the mobile phone to Garet.

                Phoebe, who was inside the box, was finally relieved.

                This auction had been a real ups and downs and a close call for her, but in the end she had managed to come back from the dead.

                She was really worried that her grandfather’s business sense would come back to haunt her and ruin her hand of cards.

                Fortunately, the old man eventually overcame his impulses with reason.

                Phoebe was afraid that his grandfather would pa*s away prematurely, because then his family would be completely deprived of their support.

                His eldest uncle would surely not hesitate to expel his family as soon as the funeral was over.

                And as long as his grandfather survived, it would be an opportunity for himself.

                At this point, deep down, Garet had also given up struggling.

                Although the price had been speculated by Huo Yuanzheng step by step to two thousand one hundred billion, causing him extreme flesh pain.

                But compared to the ten to twenty years of life expectancy that the Spring Return Pill would bring, it was worth it after all.

                So, he took the mobile phone handed to him by the staff and called his most trusted butler directly.

                When the call was answered, he said, “Ah Cheng, immediately call the auction house with the US$200 billion prepared by the Swiss bank, and inform some of our closest partners to raise US$10 billion quickly, promising them the highest interest rate in the industry and promising them special care from the Flynn family in the future. “

                To Garet, a tycoon with a fortune of nearly US$1 trillion, it was easy to borrow US$10 billion on a temporary basis, and as long as the words he had just said were released, there was no telling how many people would knock their heads off and rush to send money.

                However, he did not expect that the person called Ah Cheng, who was silent for a moment on the other end of the phone, choked up and said, “Master …… two hours ago, the Eldest Young Master has activated the highest emergency plan of the board of directors, freezing the US$200 billion that you had prepared ……”