Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3942

Three hundred billion dollars ……

                A crowd of people at the scene were on the verge of pa*sing out.

                Many people were wondering just what this man’s status was, and why he could get so much money!

                Moreover, he had gone so far as to jack up US$80 billion on top of the transaction price himself, just to take this Spring Return Pill away ……

                Could it be, could it be that he bought this Spring Return Pill for someone else?!

                Jasmine was also a little flustered all of a sudden.

                Because she knew that the Spring Return Pill had to be taken on the spot was a rule set by Charlie wade.

                However, this was an extra eighty billion US dollars at once.

                This extra income alone was already more than the entire Moore family’s a*sets.

                Therefore, she didn’t dare to do anything without permission.

                At this moment, Isaac Cameron was also frozen.

                He subconsciously looked at Charlie wade, swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth to inquire, “Young master …… this …… what should we do ……”

                Charlie wade looked at Huo Yuanzheng on the surveillance monitor at this time, smiled slightly and said, “There are only two purposes for wanting to take the Spring Return Pill away, either to take it away for others to take, or to take it away to try to imitate it.”

                Saying that, Charlie wade added, “I think, he has a better chance of being the first possibility.”

                With that, he picked up the intercom and spoke, “Jasmine, reject him! Also tell him that in this auction, rules and fairness are above everything! Give him two choices, either pay the US$220 billion as stipulated and take the Spring Return Pill on the spot, or give up the bid!”

                Jasmine’s entire body was lifted when she heard these words.

                She hadn’t expected that Charlie wade would refuse so crisply.

                This was eighty billion US dollars!

                However, she also knew that since Charlie wade had already made his decision, she was certainly not qualified to do any more lobbying.

                So, she then immediately looked at Huo Yuanzheng and said in a cold voice, “No. 099, our rules are already very clear, anyone who has won the Spring Return Pill must be taken by him or her on the spot, and this rule will never be changed! In our auction, rules and fairness are above everything!”

                Jasmine’s words sent the audience into an uproar!

                Who would have thought that the organisers would simply give up US$80 billion for a rule that they had made for themselves!

                This was too rigid, wasn’t it?!

                Huo Yuanzheng also froze for a moment at this point, he had thought that the other party would definitely not be able to resist this temptation, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect that the other party would reject him outright.

                He gritted his teeth and said in a loud voice, “Too little, right? Fine! I’m adding another twenty billion! As long as you let me take this Spring Return Pill away, I’ll offer 320 billion!”

                Without thinking at all, Charlie wade said over the intercom, “Jasmine, warn him that from now on, until payment is made, if he says one more word of nonsense, he will be expelled from the venue immediately according to the rules!”

                Jasmine immediately scolded, “No. 099, from now on, if you say one more word that has nothing to do with the auction or disobeys the auction rules, I will have to expel you from the venue!”

                Huo Yuanzheng was struck by lightning and stood frozen on the spot.

                One hundred billion dollars was not enough to make the person behind the Spring Return Pill change the rules a little?

                What was this person’s origin? How could he be so determined?

                For a moment, he didn’t know what to do.

                And his mind ran fast: “I have come here to find out.

                “I’ve come this time to find out the truth about the Spring Return Pill;”

                “If this thing is overstated, then after reading it, I will go straight back and resume my duties;”

                “If this thing is really as miraculous as the legend says, then I’ll have to buy it back at all costs.”

                “The point is, to buy it back!”

                “If I can’t buy it back, how can I go back to my family if I spend the money to eat it first for $220 billion?”

                “Besides, I am still so young at the moment, spending so much money and taking such a rejuvenating pill will definitely cause resentment and jealousy among the rest of the family, and I will be implicated for it at that time instead.”

                “So, if I can’t take this Spring Return Pill with me tonight, then I definitely can’t buy it and eat it myself ……”

                “But, I’ve managed to get it down with great difficulty, and even offended Uncle Flynn for this, if it’s really a basket case, this heart …… is also really upset!”

                Just as he was hesitating and struggling, Jasmine spoke up again and asked, “099, do you want to pay or not?”

                Huo Yuanzheng hesitated for a moment, put aside all his dignity and spoke out to plead, “I beg you, make an exception for me! If US$100 billion is not enough, I am willing to add another $50 billion!”