Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3940

At this moment, Garet’s heart was filled with indignation.

                He really didn’t understand why the other party knew that he was already a dying man, yet he was still pressing hard in front of his last chance.

                Besides, both sides had known each other for a long time, so even if they didn’t know each other very well, there was no need to compete to the death like this, right?

                He may only be a few dozen days away from death, and if he fails to seize this opportunity, his life will soon come to an end.

                But the other party is only fifty years old, why does he have to cross himself?

                If he really needed the Spring Return Pill, he could have waited until next year.

                For a moment, Garet even felt that the other party was trying to kill him.

                Huo Yuanzheng was also a bit helpless, he certainly knew Garet’s situation, but he also had his own position and hardship, so he could only continue to compete with Garet.

                Garet knew that he was not far from bursting and his mind was already somewhat broken, and with a trembling voice, he spoke, “One …… hundred and seventy billion ……”

                The old philanthropist Lai Qing Hua(Exoer), who had been sitting in the first row and rarely spoke, was also somewhat emotional at this moment.

                He couldn’t help but sigh softly, “So Garet’s calamity is here …… how could he be a match for that man ……”

                Huo Yuanzheng was about to open his bid when the attendant beside him whispered, “Eldest young master, should we make sure of that question first before we bid? Otherwise wouldn’t it ……”

                Huo Yuanzheng waved his hand and said seriously, “Before asking that question, I must press Garet first, otherwise, the conditions will hardly touch the master behind this Spring Return Pill.”

                After saying that, he sighed and shook his head, “Forget it, just let Elder Flynn’s heart, die a painful death.”

                After saying this, he raised his hand once again, wiggled his two fingers, and faintly said, “Two hundred billion!”

                His three lightly spoken words boomed in everyone’s ears like an explosive thunder.

                Who could have imagined that the price of a Spring Return Pill could go up to US$200 billion!

                This f*cking simply made everyone, for all intents and purposes, have an unreal illusion of this world.

                What happened here today, after leaving this door, if one were to tell anyone, they would never believe it.

                However, reality is so magical.

                An elixir called the Spring Return Pill had been smashed like crazy to the horrific height of US$200 billion by a group of rich people whose lives were not long in coming.

                Garet’s mind had collapsed.

                And Bernard Aylneau’s mind had long since collapsed to his grandmother’s.

                He had thought that he was the king of the field today, but he hadn’t expected to be a f*cking brother by the time the sword finally shone.

                And a brother within a brother.

                Now, the price of this Spring Return Pill had far exceeded his entire worth.

                Even if he took out his entire family fortune and left nothing for himself, there was absolutely no way he could afford to buy this Spring Return Pill.

                He was so indignant that he couldn’t help but curse, “If I had known it was like this, why the hell would I have dispensed the goods?”

                As for Garet, after his heart collapsed, it was as if his entire body had instantly aged a few more years.

                He covered his chest, his heart stirring like a knife, making his whole chest cavity hurt so much that he couldn’t speak.

                Jasmine also quietly took several deep breaths to adjust her mind.

                Only afterwards did she speak, “Bidder number 099 has bid US$200 billion, is there any higher than him?”

                After saying this, her eyes involuntarily looked towards Garet.

                After all, after the price exceeded one hundred billion US dollars, it would almost be a fight between the two of them.

                Garet was in agony, two hundred billion dollars, to him, was just a little more than one-fifth of his family fortune.

                Yet, it had reached the upper limit of the cash he could pay.

                Moreover, the Flynn family originally would not have set aside such a large amount of cash at all.

                It was for the sake of the Spring Return Pill auction that they had deliberately set aside US$200 billion in reserves in Swiss banks.

                Moreover, Garet also felt that a reserve of US$200 billion would be sufficient to take the Spring Return Pill.

                And there was no need to audit the settlement of the US dollar worldwide, as the Swiss bank would be able to pay out this amount in an instant at the command.

                However, Huo Yuanzheng’s three lightly spoken words were on a par with all the cash he had prepared.

                This also meant that Garet was bursting at the seams and could no longer continue the game.

                However, the reluctant Garet thought to himself, “The auction has half an hour to pay, and if he thinks of a way to raise some of the money from elsewhere in that half hour!”

                Thinking of this, Garet once again raised his hand and said offhandedly, “I offer two thousand one hundred billion!”

                In his heart, Garet knew very well that this was his last bid of the night.

                If Huo Yuanzheng continued to raise his bid, he would have to concede defeat and go back to his home and start preparing for his afterlife.