Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3927

                The price started at US$10 million and quickly rose to US$87 million.

                At this point, Garet raised his hand in a cloudy manner and said, “I bid two hundred million dollars.”

                The offer of US$200 million was tantamount to doubling and rounding up the previous offer.

                This price instantly scared off many people who were planning to compete.

                The Amulet was different from the Spring Return Pill after all. Everyone had witnessed the efficacy of the Spring Return Pill with their own eyes, but the Amulet, no one knew how powerful it really was.

                Such an amulet fetched a price of US$200 million, which could definitely be considered the most expensive amulet in this world.

                No one was willing to pay a higher price than US$200 million, so the third amulet was successfully auctioned off by Garet.

                When it came to the fourth amulet, some interested bidders quickly pushed the price to US$150 million, but at this stage of the bidding, perhaps because they felt that the amulet was really not worth that much money, many people had already withdrawn from the competition.

                At this moment, someone in the crowd suddenly raised his hand and spoke indifferently, “I bid 300 million.”

                The person who spoke was the middle-aged man who was quite similar to the middle-aged Zheng Shaoqiu, and was even a bit stronger than him in terms of image and temperament.

                Garet only felt that this voice was somewhat familiar and subconsciously looked at it.

                At that moment, the middle-aged man’s offer of US$300 million also managed to scare off the others.

                Although everyone in the room was quite rich, it was still difficult to accept US$300 million for an amulet of unknown effect.

                So, there was a moment of silence.

                Jasmine spoke up, “The last amulet, No. 99 has bid US$300 million, are there any bids higher than this one?”

                There was still no answer from the floor.

                After calling for three bids, Jasmine announced, “Congratulations to bidder number 99, who has won the last amulet of the night at a price of US$300 million.”

                At this moment, Charlie wade in the surveillance room was staring at the middle-aged man in the surveillance video who had just auctioned off the amulet for US$300 million.

                At a certain moment, Charlie wade always felt that he had a sense of déjà vu with this person.

                However, if he really had to say where he had seen him before, he could not tell for a while.

                So, he instructed Isaac Cameron, “Old Cameron, find out for me what this number 99’s name is and where he came from.”

                Isaac Cameron immediately took out the roster and flipped through it for a moment, and spoke, “Young master, number 99’s name is Huo Yuanzheng, a native of Vancouver, Canada.”

                Charlie wade nodded gently, from his memory, he did not know any Canadians, the only two he knew and had a relationship with were Auntie Li and Li Xiaofen who had gone to Canada some time ago.

                As for why this Huo Yuanzheng looked familiar, Charlie wade thought that either he had misremembered, or this Huo Yuanzheng was hiding his identity like Phoebe.

                If it was a hidden identity, it would be difficult for Charlie wade to investigate the other party’s true identity within a short period of time, as each of these tycoons had multiple identities, each with different names and nationalities, but without exception, all of them were verifiable true identities.

                He does feel, however, that the former is more likely and should be more ……