Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3922

A condition like paraplegia, although medically irreversible, is instead a bit of a big deal for the Spring Return Dan.

                This situation is actually all too familiar to Jacob.

                At the beginning, his injuries were almost as general as Todd’s.

                But when Charlie wade had cured him at the beginning, he had only used half of a Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill.

                And the grade of the Blood Scattering Heart Saving Pill was far worse than the Spring Returning Pill.

                Therefore, half a Spring Return Pill was simply more than enough to treat this kind of illness.

                At this time, Todd, with the help of the burly attendant by his side, called his finance and impatiently instructed the other party to pay the US$10 billion directly to the designated account of the auction.

                Once the payment was received, Jasmine spoke up, “The treasurer has just told me that the payment has been confirmed, so next we have number 027 on stage to take the second portion of the rejuvenating elixir in public!”

                Todd was already impatient and gave a sign with his eyes to his attendant, who immediately picked him up from his seat.

                Two years of paraplegia had left Todd’s torso very thin and his body had very noticeable muscle atrophy, an after-effect of the loss of mobility and the inability to move for a long period of time, which could not be avoided even though he had been undergoing the best rehabilitation training.

                At the moment, Todd, despite being 5’8″, weighed less than a hundred pounds and was easily carried to the stage by his entourage.

                On the stage, Jasmine also had a chair prepared, which was placed in front of the stage where the Spring Return Pill was displayed, so that Todd could easily sit and take his medicine.

                For the organisers, who had always been cold, this was a special humanitarian care for Todd.

                As soon as he sat down, he opened his mouth impatiently in anticipation of the moment when the Pill would enter his mouth and he would be back on his feet.

                As usual, Jasmine explained to him the rules of the Spring Return Pill auction, which meant that he was not allowed to bid on any other Spring Return Pills.

                Without hesitation, Todd nodded repeatedly, and although he was impatient inside, he still respected Jasmine’s professionalism and said seriously after she had finished, “Yes ma’am, I understand what you mean, and I will not participate in any other bidding for the Spring Return Pill next.”

                “Good.” Jasmine smiled faintly and spoke, “Then we will ask our staff to feed you the medicine next.”

                With that, the staff member beside him picked up the Spring Return Pill and put it into Todd’s mouth as everyone watched.

                The staff member made sure that everyone could see the rejuvenating elixir in his hand at all times throughout, in case anyone was wondering if it could be switched.

                As the elixir was placed in Todd’s mouth, all Todd felt was a warm current reaching his throat and then he no longer felt any sensation.

                This is because people with paraplegia are devoid of any nerve perception from the neck onwards and all the way down.

                However, after a few seconds, Todd could feel his body sending a long-lost sense of warmth to his brain.

                The feeling was like being in a hot spring in winter or being exposed to the warmth of the sun, it was very comfortable.

                This was because the medicinal effects of the rejuvenating elixir had begun to repair Todd’s damaged spinal cord, allowing his already disconnected nervous system to be repaired, so he could feel the warmth brought to his body by the rejuvenating elixir.

                Having been a paraplegic for two years, Todd knew exactly what it was like to have his entire body feel like a black hole, with no sensation of his own, so when he suddenly felt the warmth coming from his body, he shouted excitedly, “I can feel it! I can feel it! I can feel the warmth coming from my body!”

                His sudden shout instantly left everyone in awe.

                All those present were wealthy and not poorly educated, so as soon as they heard him utter the words, they knew what they meant.

                The biggest problem with paraplegia is that the brain is disconnected from the body’s nerves, which is why it loses control as well as the ability to sense.