Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3919

                Before Jasmine had the chance to quote the other party’s number, someone else immediately raised his hand: “Two and a half billion!”

                “Three billion!”

                “Three and a half billion!”

                “Four billion!”

                “Five billion!”

                Within a dozen seconds, the price was pushed right up to the height of five billion dollars by the successive bids on the floor.

                However, the bidding continued to be incessant.

                “Five billion ten million dollars!”

                “How about adding ten million to ten million? I’ll bid five and a half billion!”

                “I bid fifty-eight! Fifty-eight! Five hundred and eight, I want to pay!”

                The Middle Eastern tycoon looked left and right, his whole body was dumbfounded.

                I thought I was already very bold when I asked for two billion.

                But I didn’t expect that he was just playing a cameo role as a firing squad.

                How many people could afford to pay US$5.8 billion?

                Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but remember his own stupidity in missing out on the first rejuvenation pill, and he was even more devastated inside.

                So, he clenched his teeth and shouted again, “Six billion dollars! I bid six ……”

                Before he finished his words, the man who had just called for five billion eight hundred million opened his mouth again and shouted, “Six billion eight hundred million! Six hundred and eighty-eight, hair on the road!”

                The Middle Eastern tycoon instantly wanted to cry.

                He had already made a very strong decision by asking for six billion, but the other party didn’t even give him the chance to finish his sentence ……

                The feeling of despair immediately surged from the bottom of his heart to his whole body, and he only felt numbness and coldness in his limbs.

                The price of over US$6.8 billion had already exceeded the cash flow in his hands, which meant that he had, from now on, completely withdrawn from the auction of the Spring Return Pill.

                Thinking of this, he smacked himself once again and said with hatred under his breath, “Stupid! You stupid B*****d!!!”

                Only, no one paid any attention to his self-harm, as the enthusiasm with which everyone called for bids was not at all intimidated by the offer of 6.8 billion.

                Soon, an American tycoon sat motionless in his seat, allowing his entourage to raise their hands before speaking up, “I’ll bid seven billion!”

                The man who spoke was a white American of only forty years of age.

                He was a famous Internet entrepreneur in Silicon Valley named Todd, who had founded a company that had been listed on the NASDAQ a few years ago and now had a market capitalisation of over US$100 billion.

                He is not only a brilliant entrepreneur in his own right, but also an adventurous outdoor adventurer.

                The year before last, he was caught in an avalanche while skiing in Switzerland during the ski season.

                He survived, but his body was badly damaged in the avalanche, and after being rescued he was diagnosed, as was Jacob earlier, with paraplegia caused by a spinal cord injury.

                Although he looked no different from a normal person sitting there, he had lost all control from the neck down.

                For a middle-aged man with a wealthy family, this was worse than death.

                In the past two years, he had tried every cutting-edge medical technology in the world, but none had been able to save him from the abyss of paraplegia.

                After stumbling upon the news of the rejuvenation elixir, he also signed up with the mindset of coming over to take a look and preferring to kill his mistakes to let them go.

                Originally, he didn’t have much hope for the Spring Returning Elixir either, but after witnessing with his own eyes just now that the severe Parkinson’s patient was surprisingly cured instantly, he was filled with confidence and desire for the Elixir!