Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3917

               After saying that, he hurriedly looked at Charlie wade and choked up, “Master Wade, please, for the sake of my first mistake, give me another chance, I deserve to be disqualified from continuing to participate in this year’s auction, but in future auctions, don’t ever, ever remove me from the list!”

                Charlie wade seriously said, “Mr. Travis, I have set up such a large plate and gotten so many high-end players here, the most important thing I need to ensure is the fairness of the game, if I can’t ensure fairness, how can this game continue to be played in the future?”

                “But I ……” Travis Lane opened his mouth and wanted to explain something.

                At this time, Charlie wade extended his hand and interrupted him, “Mr. Travis, we are all adults, if you break the rules, you have to bear the consequences of breaking the rules.”

                Although Travis Lane was reluctant in his heart, he knew very well that he had no bargaining power in front of Charlie wade.

                Not to mention Charlie wade’s current status and strength, after this auction alone, Charlie wade might net tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars, which was already far beyond himself, so how could he be qualified to chatter with him?

                Thinking of this, he could only sigh in dismay and respectfully say, “You are right, Master Wade, a thousand wrongs are my own fault, and I will bear my own mistakes.”

                Charlie wade nodded gently and asked him, “Who accompanied you here today? I didn’t see that you had someone accompanying you.”

                “It’s ……,” Travis Lane said busily, “I didn’t bring my entourage this time.”

                Charlie wade asked him, “Why didn’t you bring Zhao Hao with you?”

                Zhao Hao was Charlie wade’s best friend at the orphanage, and when Charlie wade introduced him to Travis Lane, Travis Lane did give him face and made Zhao Hao his driver and a*sistant, and with an annual salary of two million, he directly turned Zhao Hao around and made a leap in cla*s.

                Hearing Charlie wade ask about Zhao Hao, Travis Lane was even more ashamed and said: “Back to Master Wade …… I originally wanted to bring Xiao Zhao with me, but during this period of time, there are many people in Haicheng who are racking their brains to find out exactly what I am doing because I suddenly got so much younger some time ago, I really don’t want to let Haicheng That group of people know this secret, so to be cautious, so I did not bring Xiao Zhao over ……”

                Speaking of this, Travis Lane let out a long sigh and laughed to himself, “Or my pattern is too small …… too small ……”

                Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “Mr. Travis, your current physical condition, painfully living another fifty years is basically no problem, so first put the matter of the Spring Return Pill in perspective, focus on your career, earn more money, do more good deeds, in the future even if you can not participate in the Spring Return Pill auction, there are other ways to get the Spring Return Pill. “

                Hearing this, Travis Lane was excited and asked, “Master Wade, is this true?!”

                Charlie wade nodded and said seriously, “Aurous Hill has nurtured me for nearly twenty years, and now that I have some ability, I would like to make some contribution to this ancient city. If you can join in, you also have a chance to get the Spring Return Pill.”

                Li Tai Lai said excitedly, “Master Wade, I am willing to join! I beg you to give me a chance, I will move my business to Aurous Hill, pay taxes for Aurous Hill every year, create jobs for Aurous Hill, and add to the construction of Aurous Hill!”

                Charlie wade nodded and said, “I naturally welcome you to have this idea, when the time comes, these projects will be developed by the Emgrand Group, you can pay more attention to them.”

                With red eyes, Travis Lane choked up and said, “Thank you Master Wade! Thank you Master Wade!”