Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3911

              With that, the rich black man, supported by his entourage and a general of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, slowly walked up to the stage, shivering step by step.

                The 400-odd people below watched as he staggered all the way to the stage, each one suffering from the torment of having to walk for seven or eight minutes when a person could have walked in 30 seconds at most.

                By the time he came to stand on the stage, his whole body was shaking even more eye-wateringly.

                He had long ago collapsed Travis Lane and, eyeing the rich black man, gritted his teeth and cursed, “F*ck! This grandson is standing there, shaking as if his body is covered in f*cking high-voltage electricity, my eyes are almost blinded by him!”

                In fact, Travis Lane’s quality was not low, and he was usually a refined businessman known for his gentle manner.

                However, today, his mind had been greatly stimulated, and missing out on the Spring Return Pill had turned his whole person into a cynic.

                Now, he was very upset at everything he saw and wanted to curse at everyone he saw.

                Jasmine stood in front of the auction stage at this moment and said with a smile, “Let’s congratulate No. 047 on achieving the opening of tonight’s auction, of course I also have to remind 047 here that you have successfully won the first Spring Return Pill, for the next Spring Return Pill auction, you will be disqualified from bidding, please do you know that?”

                The rich black man didn’t know whether he was nodding or whether his head had been bobbing back and forth, only to see him shivering and reaching out his hand, pointing laboriously at the quarter of the Spring Return Pill on the display table and saying impatiently, “Here …… Give it to me …… I …… I want to take …… Now …… Take it now ……”

                Jasmine nodded slightly and spoke, “Good, then we will have our staff, personally hand over the Spring Return Pill to you.”

                Saying this, Jasmine saw that his hands were shaking really badly, so she spoke, “It’s better to let our staff, directly feed you the elixir and take it down!”

                Immediately afterwards, Jasmine nodded to the General of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall who had been standing by the side of the Spring Return Pill. The other party immediately picked up the Spring Return Pill with both hands and stepped over to the rich black man, steadied his jaw with one hand and very slowly picked up the quarter of the Spring Return Pill with the other hand and sent it towards his mouth in front of everyone’s eyes.

                This series of actions, after being magnified by the big screen on the scene, could be seen extremely clearly by everyone.

                Therefore, at this moment, all of the 400-odd people at the scene, without exception, were holding their breath with unblinking eyes.

                Not a single person dared to blink, for fear that they might miss the birth of some miracle.

                Of course, there were also many people who were absolutely sceptical, after all, this man’s Parkinson’s symptoms were too severe and everyone was well-informed, so there was no medical possibility of curing such a severe form of Parkinson’s.

                Travis Lane still couldn’t help but spit out in a low voice: “D*mn, if two more people like this came, the whole building would have to be shaken down by them!”

                It was unknown who echoed behind him, “This dude is shaking like this, even if he dies the coffin board won’t cover him, I don’t believe this Spring Return Pill can cure him!”

                Just then, the elixir had been put into the rich black man’s mouth by the staff.

                At this moment, everyone was staring at the screen with wide eyes and motionless dead eyes.

                The scene was so quiet that it was as if a pin dropped on the ground and could be heard by everyone.

                The entire audience of over 400 people was motionless and almost completely frozen.

                Except for the rich black man, who was still standing on the stage, shaking stubbornly.

                And the quarter of the rejuvenation pills had instantly melted away in his mouth ……