Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3900

At this moment, inside the banquet hall.

                Instead of being the least bit noisy, the scene of over four hundred people has managed to be silent.

                There were two hundred official attendees of the auction here, as well as two hundred people accompanying them, and ten alternates who were ready to fill in at any time.

                Many of them saw familiar figures, but, because of the strict disciplinary requirements of the venue, even if they saw their acquaintances, they could only greet them with a glance and a nod of the head, while maintaining absolute silence.

                The time had reached 7.40am on the electronic clock hanging on the wall, and the crowd was all a bit impatient, as there were still 20 minutes to go before the auction began, and in 20 minutes, a violent battle between money and money would begin!

                At that moment, the entrance to the venue opened and a beautiful woman dressed in a white satin cheongsam stepped into the venue.

                Her appearance caused a gasp of surprise to be heard.

                Even these top tycoons, who had seen a lot, had rarely had the opportunity to see such a stunning Oriental beauty.

                This woman with an unparalleled oriental aura was the Chairman of the Moore Group, Jasmine.

                Jasmine, who was still a little nervous, was enlightened after Charlie wade’s enlightenment.

                She walked into the ballroom with a confident stride, crossed the red carpet between the left and right seats, and stepped onto the auction stage.

                Everyone’s eyes followed her figure and followed her onto the auction stage.

                Then, standing in front of the auction stage, Jasmine smiled demurely at the microphone and said, “Welcome to the first Spring Return Pill Auction.

                Thunderous applause instantly erupted from the stage.

                These people had waited for too long and had suppressed it for too long, and now that they were finally able to make some noise in name only, they naturally worked extra hard.

                After the endless applause, Jasmine nodded her head in acknowledgement and continued, “Tonight’s auction is jointly organised by the Moore Group Jiqing Hall and the Wade Group Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace Hotel, and I, as tonight’s auctioneer, will be there to guide and help you throughout the auction.”

                Speaking here, Jasmine gave a slight beating before continuing, “Before the auction officially begins tonight, first of all, please welcome our three distinguished guests today with a warm round of applause!”

                The majority of those attending the auction were unaware of the organisers’ arrangements, so the majority of them did not know that there would be VIPs at the auction tonight.

                At this moment, Jasmine said, “The first guest of honour is the recently abdicated Nordic Queen, the Honourable Victoria Iliad!”

                Beyond the entrance, the old Queen was pacing back and forth nervously.

                Standing beside her were Lord wade, the head of the Wade family, and Lai Qinghua(Exoer), the feng shui master.

                Both Lord wade and Lai Qinghua(Exoer) were naturally old acquaintances, and they had only met here. Originally, both sides had quite a lot to say, but it was because the Old Empress was right beside them that they did not exchange much other than greeting each other.

                At this time, when the Old Queen heard Jasmine call her name, she hurriedly stood still, gently stroked her chest and took several deep breaths before she gathered her courage and stepped into the banquet hall.

                Although the Old Queen has a high social status in Europe, to the rich and powerful in North America, the Middle East and Asia, she is just a poor old lady with an empty title of nobility, so there was a very interesting scene at once.

                Just as the Old Queen entered, Lord wade outside the door said to Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) with a respectful face, “Old Mr. Lai(Exoer)(Exoer), we finally meet again!”

                Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) nodded and said with the same polite respect, “How have you been, Mr. Wade?”