Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3898

Phoebe had long understood the process and requirements of the Spring Return Pill Auction.

                However, in front of Charlie wade, she still pretended to be surprised as she listened to his introduction.

                It was for the sake of putting on a show that Charlie wade deliberately pretended that he was still convinced that she was the Zhan Feier from France.

                This was because Charlie wade did not intend to expose Phoebe’s identity, he intended to continue acting like this with Phoebe first, and then wait for Phoebe to come forward to reveal everything to himself.

                So, with their own thoughts in mind, the two arrived at the security entrance of the banquet hall.

                Charlie wade handed a VIP invitation to Phoebe and said to her, “Miss Zhan, just take the invitation yourself and go in, just give it to the staff, and then the staff will naturally take you directly to the private box on the first floor.”

                Phoebe asked in surprise, “Mr. Wade, don’t you want to go in together?”

                Charlie wade smiled, “I just have a VIP invitation, but my status is not VIP, but a consultant for this auction, so I will be sitting in the monitoring room later, so I won’t be there.”

                “So that’s how it is.” Phoebe nodded gently, although she was a little disappointed that Charlie wade was not going in with her, but on second thought, since Charlie wade was the boss behind this auction, it was natural that he could not go with himself to the VIP room to watch it, he must be monitoring everything in real time from somewhere where he could see the whole picture.

                So, she said to Charlie wade, “Mr Wade, in that case, I will go in first, and I will contact you first when the auction is over.”

                Charlie wade nodded and said, “The security check for the auction is very strict, you have to give your mobile phone and all your belongings to the security guard for storage, and before the auction starts, your personal belongings will be taken to another place for temporary storage, but don’t worry, when the auction ends, the security guard will bring all your personal belongings over.”

                “Good!” Phoebe really didn’t expect the security here to be this strict, it was just as well that her belongings were not allowed to be brought in, but she even had to be transferred to another place.

                However, she was also clear that she did not have much choice, so she could only nod and accept.

                Afterwards, Charlie wade said goodbye to Phoebe and let her go through the security check, while he prepared to return to the surveillance room.

                The location of the monitoring room was in the box at the back of the banquet hall.

                The venue for this auction was, after all, a temporary renovation by the hotel’s catering department. Apart from the largest banquet hall, there were several high-end banquet boxes in itself, so Isaac Cameron chose a box that was a dozen metres away from the banquet hall, a distance that was very close but would not be disturbed in any way due to the excellent sound insulation.

                As for these boxes, apart from one used as a monitoring room, there was also a temporary lounge for Jasmine.

                As Jasmine herself would be the auctioneer for tonight’s auction, she was waiting in this lounge.

                As Charlie wade pa*sed by the door of her lounge, the door happened to be open and Jasmine was just about to walk out of it when she ran into Charlie wade, her crystal eyes immediately filled with surprise and she blurted out, “Master Wade!”

                Charlie wade smiled and said, “Jasmine, how are the preparations going?”

                Jasmine shook the card filled with manuscripts in her hand and said with some apprehension, “I’ve almost done the preparations early on, but I’m just a bit nervous.”

                She smiled gently and explained, “To be honest, I’ve never been an auctioneer before, and more importantly, the people who came to the auction this time are basically all wealthy people who are well-informed and rich, so I was worried that I wouldn’t play well and make them look at me as a joke.”

                Charlie wade smiled and said comfortingly, “Actually, you don’t need to be nervous at all, this group of people who are coming tonight can forget their dignity for the sake of the Spring Return Pill, so no matter whether you perform well or badly, no one will dare to look at you as a joke.”