Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3893

Due to Charlie wade’s strong arrangement, the arrival of those two hundred or so top tycoons did not make the ordinary citizens of Aurous Hill feel that there was any change in the city, apart from the fact that the airports in several surrounding cities were all full of parking spaces.

If it wasn’t for Charlie wade’s strong demand that this group of people must abide by all the rules, I’m afraid that this group of people would have made the traffic in Aurous Hill miserable just by bringing their own motorcades and bodyguards.

Today, the Spring Return Pill auction was about to officially begin.

Each of these top tycoons who had come to the auction were also a little impatient to attend.

They had spent two days under house arrest at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, and were waiting for the auction to kick off.

By 12 noon, the staff had already started to send out written notices to all participants.

The notice informed them that the hotel staff would deliver meals to all participants’ rooms at 6pm and that they must finish eating within half an hour, then change into the uniform provided by the hotel together with their escorts and proceed to the entrance of the hotel ballroom in an orderly manner.

In addition, no communication devices, video recording devices or any non-essential metal items will be allowed. If you have dental implants, heart stents, cochlear implants or pacemakers, etc., you must clearly inform the security staff and they will be arranged to go through a special security checkpoint.

Any attendees found to be carrying contraband will be immediately confiscated and expelled from Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, in addition to being banned for life from participating in subsequent auctions of the Elixir.

Such stringent security checks far exceeded the requirements of civil aviation security.

But none of these tycoons dared to challenge the organisers’ pressure.

This was because they knew very well in their hearts that, when an item like the Spring Return Pill was auctioned, it had to be taken on the spot.

Therefore, even if one is rich, if one wants to obtain a Spring Return Pill, one must attend the auction on the spot.

Once he was banned from the auction, it was a sign that he would have no chance of getting the Spring Return Pill for the rest of his life.

Therefore, every wealthy person, male or female, left all their mobile phones and jewellery in the room before they were ready to leave the room.

Some of the women who attended the auction even removed the silver pins that kept their ears pierced, fearing that they might get themselves into trouble when they went through the metal detection door.

Garet was the same, carrying nothing in both hands.

Only he still had a pacemaker in his body, so when he arrived at the entrance to the banquet hall, he had to go through a special security channel. It was said that an ultrasound doctor would be on hand to check the condition of the pacemaker and make sure there were no other problems before he could be released without any problems.

The time came at half past six.

The hotel sounded an announcement prompting, “All attendees of the auction are requested to wear uniform clothing, leave their rooms and proceed to the ballroom in an orderly manner, and should avoid stopping, laughing, making noise and exchanging pleasantries midway.”

When Garet in the room heard the announcement, he no longer had the same indignation and hostility as before, but looked at Yuan Zixu sitting opposite him and said with a smile, “Master Yuan, you and I have waited for two days like a prisoner, and finally we have waited for this moment!”

Yuan Zixu, who was sitting opposite, had also changed into his unified costume without the code. He looked at Garet, nodded his head and smiled, and said indifferently, “Elder Flynn, I wish you in advance to get what you want tonight!”