Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3892

Phoebe was also the first to report the good news to Garet, who was still at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, via video chat.

Garet, who was furious because of the rules and regulations at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, was immediately enlightened by the news and said excitedly, “That’s great, Phoebe! It seems that all your efforts in Aurous Hill during this period of time were indeed not in vain! That Master Wade, must be the mastermind behind the entire auction!”

Phoebe nodded, looked at Garet in the video, smiled and said comfortingly, “Grandpa, you will be indulged for a while in these two days, as soon as the auction is over, no matter what the result is, I will immediately bring you to this hotel where I am staying, I have already prepared a room for you.”

“Good!” Garet said gratefully, “You are still the most careful and secure in your work!”

Phoebe added, “Grandpa, on the day of the auction, I will go to the VIP box and stay there, so I won’t meet you then.

“Good!” Garet said with a smile, “I hope I can win!”

Without thinking, Phoebe said, “Don’t worry, Grandpa, you will!”

Garet, who was at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, hung up the phone with a pleased smile on his face and said to Yuan Zixu at his side, “Master Yuan, this girl, Phoebe, is indeed a great talent! So many people have tried to find the master behind the Spring Return Pill, but she is the only one who has succeeded, I am really impressed.”

Yuan Zixu nodded and said with an arching hand, “Miss Phoebe is gifted and has extraordinary drive, she will become a great a*set in the future!”

Garet nodded slightly, and then said with some emotion, “If Phoebe were a boy, it would be a great blessing for the Flynn family, but unfortunately …… Pity!”

Yuan Zixu wanted to say something, but hesitated for a moment before giving up. Although he also felt that Phoebe was the most promising descendant of the Flynn family nowadays, he felt that such words were not suitable to be said in front of Garet.

After all, he knew that he was only Garet’s personal bodyguard, and all his duties were only to protect Garet’s safety, and it was not appropriate for him to comment much on the Flynn family’s affairs.

Besides, the internal affairs of the Flynn family seemed calm, but in fact there were already dark currents, and Yuan Zixu would have to return to his division before long, so he did not want to wade into this mess either.

When Garet saw Yuan Zixu’s desire to speak, he understood Yuan Zixu’s attitude and felt a little disappointed for a while.

He hoped that Yuan Zixu would become his beloved, but although Yuan Zixu was loyal to him, he never wanted to be too close to him, which inevitably made him feel a bit lonely.

It was hard to find someone who was trustworthy and had the right temperament, and it was even harder to find someone who had no interest in the rest of the family, but who was unwilling to interfere, even to discuss the matter with him.

However, he did not blame Yuan Zixu.

Because Yuan Zixu himself was such a person, the sense of boundaries had always been very clear in his consciousness, and only such a person could always remain absolutely calm, and only such a person could avoid making mistakes by his supervisors to the greatest extent.

So he sighed and said softly, “I want to live more years, partly because I am afraid of dying, and partly because I want to spend a few more years with Phoebe, and if I can help her up, it would be best, if not, at least let her feather her nest a little more, because if I leave, she will definitely become the target of the Flynn family, and many people will not be able to sleep or eat without driving her out of the Flynn family. ”

Yuan Zixu said indifferently, “Elder Flynn need not be so sentimental, if you can get what you want from this trip to Aurous Hill, your life expectancy will continue for at least another ten years.”

“Yes.” Garet nodded and said, “If I could be given another ten years, many things would have been settled.”


Two days later in Aurous Hill, everything was no different from usual.