Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3885

                Charlie wade asked curiously, “Has Mr. Lai(Exoer) ever met my mother?”

                “I have.” Mr. Lai(Exoer) nodded slightly and said seriously, “Young Master Wade, I have actually been friends with your maternal great-grandfather for many years, and I was invited by your grandfather to drink your mother’s full moon wine when we met when your grandfather was still in infancy.”

                Charlie wade’s maternal great-grandfather, his grandfather’s father, was the founder of the An family.

                However, Charlie wade had not met this maternal great-grandfather, who had not even been born when he died.

                Hearing Old Mr. Lai(Exoer) tell this hidden story, Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “Old Mr. Lai(Exoer), you and my maternal great-grandfather were friends?”

                “Right.” Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) smiled lightly and explained, “Your maternal great-grandfather was about my age, and I met him in 1938 when we went to America on the same ship.

                “So that’s how it was!” Charlie wade said, stood up and bowed to Lai Qing Hua(Exoer).

                Lai Qinghua(Exoer) hurriedly got up and said, somewhat flattered, “Young Master Wade, you are the order of the Dragon Grid, how can you bow to me …… It should be my humble self who should bow to you!”

                Charlie wade said seriously, “You and my maternal great-grandfather are close friends, so naturally you are also my elder, it is only right for me, as a junior, to bow to you!”

                Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) said very seriously, “Young Master Wade, I believe in the destiny of the heavenly dao, in terms of destiny, you are the king and I am the subject, even if I am over a hundred years old, I am still a subject when I see you.”

                Seeing his firm attitude, Charlie wade stopped arguing with him and said, “Old Mr. Lai(Exoer), then let’s save this etiquette and just consider it as a forgotten friendship, what do you think?”

                Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) was slightly stunned, then he nodded with a smile and said, “Fine, fine, since Young Master Wade has said so, I will do as I am told.”

                The two then resumed their seats.

                Remembering something, Charlie wade asked Lai Qinghua(Exoer), “Old Mr. Lai(Exoer), you helped me promote the Spring Return Pill in North America, I wonder if my grandfather has ever inquired with you?”

                “Your grandfather ……” When he said this, he could not help but laugh, “He did not believe in fate, and when he was young, he used to talk about ‘my fate is up to me’, and he did not care about fortunes, and he even used to have a lot of prejudice against me, thinking that I was a charlatan. I believe that even if he was interested in the Spring Return Pill, he would not have come to me to ask about it.”

                After saying that, he asked Charlie wade curiously, “Young Master Wade, you must have all the registration lists in your hand, I wonder if there could be anyone from the An family to sign up for the tournament?”

                “No.” Charlie wade shook his head and said, “There is no one surnamed An in all the registration information.”

                Lai Qinghua(Exoer) nodded and smiled as he spoke, “Your grandfather has a very arrogant personality, odds are he won’t come along to this kind of event, unless he is allowed to know the efficacy of the Spring Return Pill first, then he won’t come personally.”

                After saying this, Lai Qing Hua(Exoer) looked at Charlie wade and exclaimed, “But then again, Young Master Wade, your rule that the successful bidder must take the Spring Return Pill on the spot is truly remarkable, not only does it allow all the participants of the auction to witness the miraculous effects of the Spring Return Pill, but it also makes all the big shots who want the Spring Return Pill have to show up in person! I believe that by the time the next Spring Return Pill auction is held, many of the hidden capital giants will come out of their own accord!”

                At these words, Lai Qinghua(Exoer) looked at Charlie wade and said seriously, “Maybe next year’s auction, your grandfather will appear in the registration list!”