Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3881

               At this point, he had no idea what nightmares awaited him with this car.

                He would not have known that not only would he have lost the only $100,000 he had, but he would also be saddled with a loan shark, and eventually he would have to rely on his parents to sell his house to save him from going to shore.



                Phoebe, who was staying at the Aurous Hill International Hotel, had just sent Claire out the door with Kerri West.

                After the three women had lunch together, they talked and chatted in Phoebe’s room all afternoon, until it was dark, when Claire left before he was done.

                After seeing Claire leave in a taxi, Kelly West asked Phoebe with some surprise, “Miss Phoebe, I gave Claire a place in the master cla*s purely for your sake, and she is not stupid, she should be able to see this relationship, why did she only prepare a gift for me, but not for you?”

                Phoebe said with a smile on her face, “Fortunately she didn’t prepare for me, if she did prepare a gift for me, then all my hard work would have gone down the drain.”

                Kerri West was puzzled.

                She asked tentatively, “Miss Fay, what do you mean by that? I don’t quite understand ……”

                Phoebe said seriously, “This kind of thing, three words can’t make sense, China is a human society, except for the immediate family, almost all other social relationships have to be driven by favours, as the saying goes, people respect me a foot, I respect people a foot, this is very different from the interpersonal social life in Europe and America.”

                At this point, she gave a slight pause and added, “A friendly reminder that the best way to get along with a Chinese person is to make her owe you favours.”

                Kerri West nodded in a seemingly understanding way, and in her heart she became more and more impressed with this Phoebe, who was much younger than herself.

                With that, Phoebe went back to her room and made a phone call to her grandfather Garet.

                As soon as the call came through, she asked with concern, “Grandpa, is everything still going well at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace?”

                Garet sighed and said, “Not at all, it feels like prison.”

                Phoebe asked in confusion, “Why did Grandpa say that?”

                Garet spat, “The staff said that until the end of the auction, no one is allowed to leave the hotel, and no one is even allowed to leave their room without permission, and that if they want to leave their room, they must first report to them and tell them the reason why they want to leave the room, and only after their approval can they leave, leaving the room without permission is considered a serious violation, one warning, two Disqualification from attending the auction ……”

                Phoebe asked in surprise, “Such strict management?!”

                “Yes!” Garet said in exasperation, “Meals and drinks are all brought directly into the room by the service staff, and the delivery guy still f*cking cares about the clothes I wear, he has to make me wear the outfits they issue, otherwise it’s considered a disciplinary violation on my part, I wanted to go for a walk downstairs after dinner, but they didn’t allow it either, saying that a walk is not a necessary part and not approved.”

                Phoebe sighed helplessly and said comfortingly, “Grandpa, this is a seller’s market after all, so many people are just like you, you don’t have to care too much.”

                Garet sighed and said with righteous indignation, “You just don’t know how shady this place is! They won’t let me take a walk, but then they say they can send me a treadmill to my room, but the service fee for sending a treadmill to me is a whopping six hundred and eighty thousand dollars!”