Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3869

                Therefore, he understands that the reason why merchants have the courage to ask consumers to match their goods is because they have absolute confidence in their own products.

                Once they know that the consumer is willing to get the item at any cost, they have enough backbone to ask the consumer for a match.

                A bag that costs over $100,000 and has to be matched with $200,000, a watch that costs over $200,000 and has to be matched with $400,000 or $500,000, are all precise in pinpointing the consumer’s psychology and so ripping them off hard.

                Now, he was begging for the Spring Return Pill, and when he was asked to match goods for this purpose, he could only grit his teeth and accept it.

                After all, when you come out to make a living, you always have to pay back.

                Thinking of this, he had no choice but to nod his head in agreement and said to Charlie wade, “Fine! Two billion for two billion!”

                Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said indifferently, “Later on, Cameron from Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace will give you the public account here, so you can just arrange for the finance to transfer the money directly.”

                “Good.” Bernard Elnor nodded in a disheveled manner, forcing down his anger and said, “I will arrange for the payment as soon as possible ……”

                Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “Mr. Elnor, in the future, it is better to do business more generously, sell things at whatever price you set, don’t always think of earning extra profits by starvation marketing and the rationing system, in the words of our Chinese people, doing too much of this kind of unethical thing is detrimental to yin virtue and is bad for future generations.”

                Bernard Elnor questioned indignantly, “Aren’t you all the same?”

                Charlie wade laughed: “Our boss has already said that once this money from your allotment is credited to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, he will not take a penny of it and will donate it all to China’s nutrition improvement programme for rural compulsory education students, so, unlike you, he is doing a good deed and you are doing a vice, in the words of our ancient Chinese, he is robbing the rich to help the poor. “

                Bernard Elnor asked in amazement, “What does this nutrition programme do?”

                Charlie wade said indifferently, “It is a poverty alleviation program set up with state funding, except that it targets all students who are receiving compulsory education, and it provides meal subsidies for more than twenty million rural school students across the country at the rate of four yuan per day. Based on one lunch of four yuan per day for each child in poor rural areas, the two billion dollars can solve the problem of one million and four hundred thousand rural poor children’s lunches for a whole year, which is considered a great merit.”

                Speaking of this, Charlie wade added, “But this merit has nothing to do with you, unless you also take the initiative to donate another two billion.”

                “Do I …… I have to donate too?!”

                Bernard Elnor wanted to die at this point, what he feared most now was that after Charlie wade forced him to match the goods, he would also force him to donate.

                Seeing his panicked face, Charlie wade snorted and said, “Mr. Elnor doesn’t need to be so scared, if you don’t want to donate yourself, we won’t force you to donate, after all, a melon twisted by force is not sweet.”

                Bernard Aylneau finally sighed with relief.

                One of the things he disliked most in his life was making donations.

                As far as he was concerned, the money was his own hard-earned money and he could spend it however he wanted, but he just couldn’t donate it.

                Promising to match the two billion was already a huge loss, so he didn’t want to give a penny more.

                But even so, the two billion was enough to give him a long time of physical pain!