Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3868

Bernard Elnor looked at Ermao’s serious face, and at a certain moment he was almost about to be successfully brainwashed by Ermao.

                He looked at Ermao and then at the Mona Lisa in Charlie wade’s hand, and after repeating it several times, his brain had already gone into a trance for a few moments.

                Charlie wade also knew that Ermao was talking nonsense, but he really didn’t expect him to be able to make such a big set of stories with a hundred twists and turns, and he couldn’t help but have some admiration for this old boy in his heart.

                Other than that, his bullsh*t skills are absolutely first cla*s.

                However, Bernard Aylneau soon came back to his senses and knew that this must be a story made up by Ermao.

                Let alone the possibility that this story was true, even if it was true, there was no way that these people would have brought this painting to themselves.

                From the plastic imitation bronze wine bottle just now, he could tell that these two people in front of him only wanted to screw him out of his money and would never let him take advantage of half of it.

                So, he arched his hand at Ermao and said with a pained expression, “This gentleman, I admire your eloquence, I won’t say anything about the rest.”

                After saying that, he looked at Charlie wade again and spoke, “Sir, please quote a price for this painting ……!”

                Charlie wade nodded and said seriously, “That allegedly copied Mona Lisa is now hanging in the Louvre collection in France, although it is impossible to put it up for auction, I estimate that if it is put up for sale, it can be sold for at least one billion dollars.”

                When Bernard Aylneau heard this, his whole heart thumped.

                He cursed in his heart, “If you dare to ask such a high price for this piece of crap, I’d rather not participate in the auction of the Spring Return Pill than never accept such an allocation model from you!”

                Immediately afterwards, he heard Charlie wade say with a smiling smile, “I’ll let you pick up this painting in my hand, why don’t I let you pick up the pieces?

                After hearing this, Bernard Aylneau’s jaw dropped.

                Two billion?

                He couldn’t understand what kind of person would go so far as to ask for two billion yuan for these three pieces of junk!

                So, he immediately blurted out, “Two billion is a bit too much! Wouldn’t tens of millions or even a hundred million be enough to make up for the loss of the one million in allotted goods? Even if I am allowed to allocate a hundred million, it’s already a hundred times more!”

                Saying that, he gritted his teeth and said, “If you guys are so shameless, then I would really rather give up this auction than accept such an excessive request from you!”

                “Never mind.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “There are rich people attending the Spring Return Dan auction, one more of you is not more, one less of you is not less, just like those bags in your shop, there are rich people who will rush to allocate and buy them, those who are not willing to spend money to allocate, just go away, you never care.”

                Saying that, Charlie wade added: “Mr. Elnor, there is something I have to remind you, if you refuse to allocate the goods this time and withdraw from the auction, then future auctions will be banned from your participation for life, you’d better think it over.”

                Bernard Aylneau was instantly frightened and said, “Sir, even if you want to allocate the goods, you don’t have to ask for two billion, right? Can it be a little less?”

                Charlie wade looked at him and said coldly, “Sorry Mr. Aylneau, there is no room for you to bargain here, you have so many luxury shops all over the world, you don’t know how much wealth you have ama*sed every year by distributing goods, 100 billion is probably not enough, now you are asked to give one billion, and you are not happy? In that case, I don’t think you need to attend this auction, keep your money and go back to your France!”

                Although Bernard Aylneau’s heart was full of anger at the moment, deep down he had actually conceded the point.

                He himself was the originator of the distribution world and had made tens and hundreds of billions of dollars by relying on this one trick of distribution.