Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3859

               After saying that, he hurriedly asked, “Fifth Master, what does Master Wade want from me? I’ve been doing my job honestly lately, I haven’t done any more deceptions ……”

               Don Albert urged, “Master Wade is looking for you for something good, just hurry up and follow me over there and you’ll understand!”

                Only then was Ermao relieved, his heart was not nervous anymore, even his walk was much lighter.

                He followed Don Albert to Isaac Cameron’s office, and as soon as he entered, he saw Charlie wade sitting on the sofa, so he immediately said in a flattering manner, “Master Wade, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Master Wade, how have you been?”

                Charlie wade laughed, “Ermao, I heard from my father-in-law that he tried to find you several times but couldn’t, I thought you were no longer in Aurous Hill.”

                Ermao said with embarra*sment and fear, “Master Wade, it’s not that I’m deliberately avoiding your father-in-law, but your father-in-law is really not suitable for antiques. I think he would buy it without any doubt if he took a brush painting of the Olympic Fuwa and lied to him that it was a real painting of Tang Bohu ……”

                That’s why I’m deliberately avoiding him, in the hope that he can quit this business sooner ……”

                Immediately after that, Ermao said with an admiring face, “I heard that your father-in-law is now the executive vice president of the calligraphy and painting a*sociation, don’t you think that’s much better than running to the antique street every day?”

                Charlie wade laughed and nodded slightly, saying, “You can do that, Ermao, your ability to speak well has not diminished at all.”

                Ermao wiped his sweat and said modestly, “Master Wade, you’re flattering me, compared to you, I’m just a clown who makes a living by scamming foreign tourists, I’m not even a fart ……”

                Charlie wade waved his hand: “All right, you should not be presumptuous, there are three hundred and sixty trades and professions.”

                As he said that, Charlie wade asked, “Ermao, I remember that you are very well-informed, so let me ask you, do you know what big events are going to happen in our Aurous Hill in the next few days?”

                Ermao said, “Master Wade, I heard some rumours earlier, but since I couldn’t confirm them, I didn’t take them too seriously, but after seeing you here today, I’m probably sure it’s true.”

                Speaking of this, Ermao cautiously asked Charlie wade, “Master Wade, are you asking about the Spring Return Pill auction?”

                “That’s right.” Charlie wade nodded and asked with a smile, “Do you also know about the Spring Return Pill?”

                Ermao hurriedly arched his hand and said, “Grandmaster Wade! Back when the Moore family’s old man celebrated his birthday, I had heard about the miraculous Spring Return Pill, and later on, when the Moore family’s Miss Jasmine celebrated her birthday, Travis had also won a Spring Return Pill at the Moore family’s auction, and I had heard about it all.

                Charlie wade smiled and said, “Since you know about the auction, then I won’t hide it from you, later on, you and I will go and trick an old foreigner, we will play a double act together, how I play it, you will follow me, do you understand?”

                Ermao asked, “Master Wade, do you have a script or something for me to read first?”

                “No.” Charlie wade waved his hand, “Once you’re there, just watch my path and improvise.”

                Ermao said nervously, “Master Wade …… this …… this improvisation …… I’m afraid that if I don’t play well, I’ll spoil your big event! “

                Charlie wade laughed: “Ermao, with your cleverness, this little matter is certainly not a problem, you just take out 70% of your strength when you cheat people in the antique street, this matter will be basically done!”