Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3857

                Claire was a little confused by Charlie wade’s words, but did not have any doubts out of her trust in him.

                So, she then said to Charlie wade, “Honey, then why don’t you send me to the Aurous Hill International Hotel, where both Kairi and Miss Zhan live, and I’ll give my gift to Kairi first.”

                “Good.” Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “Send you to the Aurous Hill International Hotel, and I’ll go and take care of this batch of allotments.”


                After dropping off Claire, Charlie wade immediately drove to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace.

                On the way to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, Charlie wade called his old husband, Jacob, and just after he got through, Charlie wade asked him, “Dad, can you still contact that Ermao who specializes in selling antiques on the antique street?”

                Jacob said resentfully, “Don’t mention that Ermao, later on I received some good things and looked for him several times, but he always disappeared with me, and later even changed his mobile phone number, I heard that this grandson is still doing business in the antique street, but the whole world can find him, but I can’t find him, it’s really strange.”

                Charlie wade couldn’t help but laugh dumbly and teased, “Then I guess Ermao is deliberately avoiding you.”

                Jacob asked in return, “Then why do you think he’s avoiding me? I haven’t provided him with goodies too often.”

                Charlie wade said to himself, “The pair of rags you bought, Ermao still had to pay a big price to collect them, one way or another, the little money Ermao earned by cheating, almost all of it went into your pocket.

                But he did not say more, so he said with a smile: “I guess this Ermao a bit think not understand, I will find other people to inquire about it.”

                Jacob asked curiously, “Charlie wade, what are you looking for Ermao for?”

                Charlie wade said casually, “Oh, a friend wanted to buy some antiques, so I thought of him.”

                Jacob was busy saying, “Ermao doesn’t have anything good in his hands, why don’t you ask your friend to go to Jiqing Hall and buy it, the stuff there is still of a higher grade.”

                “Okay.” Charlie wade casually agreed and said, “Then I’ll tell him to go, I’ll hang up now ah dad.”

                After hanging up Jacob’s phone, Charlie wade called Don Albert again.

                Once the call came through, he instructed, “Don Albert, tell your little brother to go to the antique street and find a guy called Ermao for me, tell him I’m looking for him for something and ask him to bring all his counterfeit antiques to meet me at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace.”

                Don Albert did not understand what Charlie wade’s intention was, but he immediately agreed and spoke, “Yes, Master Wade, wait a moment, I’ll have someone go and find him.”

                Don Albert’s men were present in all walks of life in Aurous Hill, and they were present in all corners of the city, and in such a profitable market as the Antique Street, his men were even more involved.

                Therefore, when Don Albert made a phone call, the head of the Antique Street immediately went to the street and found Ermao, who was setting up a stall.

                Ermao was not afraid of anyone in Aurous Hill but Jacob, so when he saw the head of the antique street coming, not only was he not afraid, but he even went up to him and greeted him warmly, “Why is Brother Kui free to come to my stall?”

                The man known as Brother Kui, whose full name is Dong Kui, is a subordinate of Caesar, one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Don Albert.

                His territory was the area around Antique Street, and small traders like Ermao, who liked to cheat people, had to rely on Dong Kui to cover them up on a regular basis so that they wouldn’t be beaten up.

                Dong Kui looked at Ermao and asked, “Ermao, let me ask you, do you know Master Wade?”