Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3856

Hearing Charlie wade’s order, the salesman hurriedly said, “Yes sir, wait a moment, I’ll call a few colleagues to help together!”

                After saying that, he hurriedly opened up a few colleagues, each carrying a few huge bags, and followed Charlie wade and Claire away.

                After putting everything into the back of the car, the salesman hastily asked Charlie wade, “Sir, please add me a WeChat, we can communicate on WeChat if we have anything in the future.”

                Charlie wade waved his hand, “No need, I won’t come back to your shop in the future.”

                After saying that, he ignored the stunned salesman and said to Claire, “Wife, let’s go.”

                Claire nodded gently and got into the pa*senger seat.

                Charlie wade then started the car and directly left the mall.

                After the car drove out, Claire couldn’t help but ask Charlie wade, “Honey, you just said that all these things you bought from the distribution could make money, is that true?”

                “Of course it’s true.” Charlie wade laughed, “When has hubby ever lied to you?”

                After saying that, he asked Claire, “Wife, where are you going now? Are you going to the company or are you going to find that Kairi West?”

                Claire thought about it and said, “I’ve picked out a gift for Kairi, but I haven’t thought about a gift for Miss Zhan. Miss Zhan seems to be a lady from a big family, I guess she can’t even look at luxury items like this, so I haven’t thought about what I should give her.”

                Charlie wade said with a smile, “You don’t have to worry about this, didn’t I already say so? I’ll invite her to dinner after I’m done with my work in a few days, and I’ll find a way to return her favor.”

                Claire said with a sad face, “I think, Miss Zhan has helped me so much, if we just treat her to a meal, I will feel sorry for myself.”

                Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “Don’t worry wife, hubby has it in his heart, with hubby around, you don’t have to worry about this matter.”

                “Okay ……” Claire nodded her head and said gratefully, “Thank you hubby …… All these things are thanks to you ……”

                Charlie wade laughed, “Isn’t this just the part that a husband should do?”

                Saying that, Charlie wade added, “You should send the gift for Kelly West today first, and you don’t need to worry about Miss Zhan there.”

                Claire asked, “Honey, then if I go and deliver the gift to Kairi now, Miss Zhan won’t be uncomfortable in her heart after seeing it, right?”

                “No.” Charlie wade laughed, “You also said, she looks like a big lady from a big family, how would she care about this stuff, besides, she will be down to earth in her heart if you don’t give her anything, on the contrary if you give her something, she will be uncomfortable instead.”

                Charlie wade was well aware of Phoebe’s human affection offensive, what she wanted was nothing more than to impress herself with all sorts of favours or make herself feel unable to rub it in.

                If Claire really gave her a gift at this time, she was afraid that she would collapse on the spot, because that would mean that all her efforts were all in vain.

                But if Claire only gave Kairi West a gift but not her, she would definitely know that Claire owed her this favour and Charlie wade was already planning to return it for her.

                In fact, Charlie wade had to admit that Phoebe was indeed somewhat level headed.

                He could see through this kind of yang scheme of constantly sending favours at a glance, but when it really came to this, he was really embarra*sed not to respond in any way.

                Because, that would make his wife Claire feel indebted in her heart.

                Therefore, Charlie wade already had a rough plan in mind, as long as Phoebe did not have any bad intentions towards his wife, and her grandfather Garet did not win the Spring Return Pill at the Spring Return Pill auction, then he would send her half a Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill.

                Half a Blood Dispersing Heart Pill would at least allow her grandfather to live for another year or two.

                This would not only return the favour for Claire, but would also allow Garet to live for two more years, and would enable him to fight more and more in the Spring Return Pill auction in the next two years.