Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3855

                The longer the goods have been unused in this shop, the higher the percentage of commission.

                So Charlie wade had bought nearly a million stagnant goods from him today, and when he was paid next month, he would be able to get a personal commission of up to 300,000.

                To be able to earn 300,000 in just a few minutes was simply unimaginable to him.

                So, he immediately put on an extremely flattering face and said respectfully, “Sir, since we have a lot of goods, we need to go to the front desk to count them one by one, please take a seat here, I will get you two bottles of sparkling water first, you and the lady will wait for a while, when the count is finished, I will come with the POS machine and the list of goods to confirm your credit card. “

                Charlie wade laughed, “I’ve been in for so long, you finally have the form a salesman should have.”

                The salesman knew that Charlie wade was being sarcastic, but for the sake of money, this sarcasm was nothing to him.

                So, he said with a smile, “Sir, I’m really sorry, I may have been a bit unfriendly just now, but don’t worry, from now on you are the senior of our shop, you can add my WeChat later, in the future, if you need any style of bag, you can tell me in advance, I will help you find it! If you come to the shop, please also let me know in advance, I will reserve a parking space for you directly at the entrance, and you don’t need to queue up like today when you enter the shop.”

                Charlie wade didn’t bother to bother with him, smiled faintly and instructed, “Alright, hurry up and go and type out the order and come to me with the POS machine to swipe your card, I have a lot of things to do and my time is precious.”

                The male salesman nodded hastily and said respectfully, “Wait a moment, sir, I’ll go and do it for you.”

                Ten minutes later, the salesman came over with the POS machine and a large list of goods at a trot.

                When he came to Charlie wade’s side, he knelt down on one knee and said very respectfully, “Sir, take a look, your allotment is a total of 996,520 yuan, this bag is 1688,888 yuan and 1165,408 yuan, you can confirm the details and the amount, and you can swipe your card if there is no problem.”

                Charlie wade said casually, “There is no need to confirm, just swipe the card.”

                After saying that, Charlie wade took out a bank card and handed it over.

                “Okay!” The salesman was excited and took the bank card with both hands respectfully, and hurriedly entered the amount on the POS machine.

                After swiping the card, Charlie wade entered his pa*sword, and then the POS machine zipped up and down, and a card voucher was printed.

                Once this voucher was printed, it proved that the transaction had been successfully completed.

                At this moment, the salesman was even more excited and red in the face, saying in an extremely flattering manner, “Sir, you are really the most generous and generous customer I have ever seen!”

                “Yes.” Charlie wade nodded and casually laughed, “To buy a bag of more than a hundred thousand dollars with almost a million dollars of goods, I guess I am the only one in the whole country who is such an ingrate.”

                In his heart, the salesman thought, “You are right …… such a big ingrate, I guess you are the only one in the world.”

                However, how could he dare to say such words out loud?

                So he could only say with a smile: “Sir, I think a rich person with taste and pursuit like you, what you spend your money on is enjoyment and quality, you definitely won’t take this little thing to heart, and don’t worry, from now on, if you buy a bag from me, I will definitely get you the lowest allotment!”

                Charlie wade blandly said, “All right, you don’t need to pat me on the back here, wrap up all these goods for me and ask two people to put them in the car for me!”