Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3852

Seeing that Charlie wade came up and asked directly for the amount of goods allocated, the salesman smiled slightly contemptuously and said, “Sir, I have just said that this bag is too much in demand, so you must first accumulate the spending limit in our shop, and when the spending limit exceeds the other customers waiting in line for the bag, we will naturally give this bag to you.”

                Charlie wade grunted and said, “What if I’ve allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars and you still tell me there’s no such bag? Wouldn’t I be a big ingrate then?”

                The salesman’s expression was tense for a moment, but he quickly returned to his normal self and said with a girlish smile, “Sir, if you have matched the goods and still can’t buy the bag, then the only possibility is that someone has matched more goods than you.”

                Charlie wade laughed: “This is a completely secret operation, whether someone has allocated more goods than me, it’s entirely up to you to say, and you won’t show me any data, how can I trust you?”

                Seeing Charlie wade’s aggressiveness, the salesman thought that Charlie wade was probably just running out of money to have fun, so he sneered and spoke, “Sorry sir, this is our rule, no matter how much you allocate, you have to follow the rules we set, so if you want to buy this bag, you have to accumulate a certain amount of spending first, otherwise, please look at other brands that don’t brands that require a match.”

                Most luxury brands are sold by people who are the best of the best.

                Not only do they have great observation skills, but they also understand the psychology of their customers very well.

                More importantly, many of them did not have the basic decency that a salesman should have.

                For example, this Birkin 30 handbag that Claire wanted to buy, the allotment quotes across the country ranged from a hundred thousand to several hundred thousand.

                The reason why there is such a wide range is because some sales people are always looking to maximize their profits when they see others.

                If it is a regular customer who is more familiar with them and who has been pleasing them, giving them gifts and rebates, only then will they give a definite amount for the allotment, and as long as the customer is allotted enough goods for this amount, they will be able to sell him a bag that he wants.

                However, once they meet unfamiliar customers, many sales will be based on the principle of pit one is one, treating each other as monkeys.

                Some time ago, in a famous top luxury shopping mall boutique, there was a consumer once pulling a banner to protest because he was fooled by the sales with more than 200,000 yuan of goods, the results of the purchase order, the sales told him that he could not give the bag.

                To put it bluntly, he had been played as a monkey by the sales.

                The reason why sales do this is because not all products in luxury shops are popular and sought after.

                For example, this brand’s bags are very popular and have a very high price premium, but their other accessories are really ugly and expensive.

                A sarong costs several thousand dollars, a belt even tens of thousands of dollars, and sometimes a colourful jacket can go for 70,000, 80,000 or even over 100,000 dollars.

                When such goods are placed in the shop, it is almost difficult to sell them and they are absolute stalwarts.

                So the shop has to rely on this kind of allocation in order to sell these lagging items along with them.

                And for sales, the commission for selling hot items is very low, if not non-existent.

                But the commission for selling lagging items is very high, which is why they try their best to get consumers to allocate more goods, even going so far as to do some cheating.

                Although Claire didn’t know much about these luxury brands’ schemes, she had figured out the flavour of it at the moment and felt that the sales were probably not in good faith, so she said to Charlie wade, “Honey, why don’t we take a look at another shop?”

                Charlie wade shook his head and laughed, “You also know that people like this brand, if you give them other brands, they may not like them at all, in that case, it would be better not to give them.”

                Saying that, Charlie wade patted the back of her hand and said with a smile, “Don’t worry, leave it to your husband.”

                Then, Charlie wade looked at the salesman and smiled faintly, “Alright, seeing as your boss is going to be my customer soon, I should also take care of his business.”