Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3847

                In his heart, Flynn knew very well that his body had reached its final stage. If he could not get the Spring Return Pill on his trip to Aurous Hill, he might not be able to leave Aurous Hill alive in this condition.

                Therefore, it was a matter of victory or defeat.

                He looked out of the window and prayed in his heart that he would get what he wanted this time.

                Once the plane landed, it was guided by a ground guidance vehicle that taxied the plane to a hangar that had been rented by Isaac Cameron.

                Once the plane was parked, the hatch was opened.

                One of Isaac Cameron’s men took the lift escalator directly to the door of the aircraft.

                As the cabin door was opened by the attendant, Isaac Cameron’s man, standing directly at the door of the cabin, asked coldly, “Is this the plane that Garet is travelling on?”

                One of the attendants said with some annoyance, “Hey, watch the way you talk, our master’s name is not something you can call him by!”

                Isaac Cameron’s man said disdainfully, “What master’s name, your master is not my master either, I only recognise the name of the person who has signed up here, you’d better go and tell Garet to bring our electronic invitation letter and his identity document out to be verified by our staff!”

                The accompanying officer did not expect the young man to speak so rudely, so he questioned in a cold voice, “Kid, what kind of attitude are you talking with? Do you know who you are talking to?”

                Isaac Cameron’s man sneered, “I don’t know who I’m talking to, and I’m too lazy to know, all I know is that if you refuse to obey the arrangement, or if you are too slow in efficiency, I will report it directly to my leader, and if your master’s participation is disqualified then, don’t blame me for not reminding you beforehand!”

                When Garet’s entourage heard these words, he was immediately scared to the point of breaking out in a cold sweat.

                He really didn’t expect that even a small staff member could be so tough, and as the matter was so important and completely beyond his control, he could only say honestly, “This little brother, don’t be angry, I didn’t think twice about what I said just now, don’t be so mean to me!”

  At this time, Garet also came to the cabin door with the help of two health care doctors, he looked at the young staff member and said with an apologetic face, “Sorry, little brother, this butler of mine has a bit of a rotten temper, don’t take it personally with him.”

                Isaac Cameron’s man looked at Garet and asked, “Which one are you?”

                Garet busily said, “My surname is Flynn, my full name is Garet.”

                Isaac Cameron’s men nodded and said with a blank face, “From now on, you will obey our arrangements and management in everything! Have your captain roll out of the hangar in ten minutes and take off to transfer to Penniu Airport in the next city, there is no more parking space here and you need to give up the hangar in ten minutes, I still have to receive the next attendee here.”

                Garet hurriedly said respectfully, “Don’t worry little brother, I’ll arrange for them to take off early and give up the hangar in a hurry.”

                At this moment, Garet’s entourage had a somewhat embarra*sed expression as he hurriedly said, “We still have two bulletproof cars in this modified belly cargo hold, unloading them may be troublesome, can you give us an extra half hour of grace?”

                Isaac Cameron’s man said coldly, “We have a unified fleet to pick up and drop off, you don’t need to prepare any vehicles.”

                After saying that, he pointed to the corner of the hangar, a few suggested plastic stools as well as a temporary area built up by a table, and spoke to Garet, “Garet, from now on, your internal code name is 035, please bring your identity documents and report to the staff over there!”