Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3839

        At the moment, he knew that he did not have the ability to scold these two shrews. It was simply a matter of no chance of winning.

        So, he said resentfully, “The money is indeed from my son-in-law, so of course it’s fine for you, Elaine, not to cook for me, but isn’t it a bit too much for you to not even cook for your son-in-law?”

        Elaine bristled, “If my good son-in-law thought I had gone too far, he would have told me directly, so there is no need for you to be so nosy here, really the emperor is not in a hurry!”

        Jacob was furious and said, “Elaine, what kind of bullsh*t analogy is that? If we were in ancient times, I would still be the father-in-law of the country, so how can I use such words as the emperor is not in a hurry?”

        Elaine looked at Benedict and said with a cheap smile, “Sister-in-law, see, you’ve just said a few words and you’re in a hurry!”

        Benedict brushed her lips and said disdainfully, “Isn’t that the nature of all the men in the Wilson family? Slow to act, impatient, small in ability but big in temper!”

        Elaine clapped her hands and said excitedly, “Sister-in-law, you’re so right! Every word is true, every word is true to my heart!”

        Jacob felt his face rolling and immediately stood up and said to Claire, “Claire, you guys order takeaway to eat, no need to order for me. “

        Claire asked, “Dad, why are you going?”

        Jacob puffed up with anger and resentment, “I’m full of anger, so I’m going back to the house to lie down and take a rest.”

        Claire had no choice but to say to Elaine, “Mom, please don’t say anything.”

        Benedict saw that Claire could not stand it, so she said to Elaine, “Yes, Elaine, Claire is right, just say the right thing, there is no need to keep saying it, just be forgiving!”

        Elaine also knew how to take advantage of the situation and said in a loud voice, “Sister-in-law, I’m definitely giving you face!”

        After that, she waved her hand and said, “All right, Jacob, don’t sulk at every turn, I won’t talk about you anymore, okay?”

        Jacob was frozen on the spot, he could neither leave nor stay, he just felt like crying.

        Benedict spoke up at this time, “Elaine, I’ll leave now if there’s nothing else, let’s meet again some other time!”

        Elaine hurriedly said, “Don’t change the date, let’s do it tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon, you come home to me, I’ll take you to our family villa in Champs-Elysees Spa, we’ll go there for a spa treatment, and then have a meal and come back!”

        When Benedict heard this, she said excitedly, “Mom, you’re lucky, Elaine, I didn’t even know you had a villa in Champs-Elysées Spa! It’s said that you can’t even buy a villa there with money!”

        Elaine smiled and said, “Who told my daughter to find me a good son-in-law!”

        Benedict looked at Charlie wade and said with some humility, “Charlie wade, after all, you are the most capable.”

        Charlie wade replied casually, “Not really.”

        Benedict had heard her daughter, Wendy, say that she was only able to get to where she was today because of Charlie wade’s help and promotion, so she was afraid of saying the wrong thing in front of Charlie wade, so she said to Elaine, “Elaine, if you’re sure you want to go tomorrow, call me on WeChat!”


        “Good, then I’ll wait for your letter!”

        Benedict finished her sentence and left in high spirits.

        Elaine entered the living room, stretched out with a smile and said with a grin, “No wonder Old Mrs. Wilson has always liked Benedict, it turns out that this Benedict really has a knack for kissing a*s, she just can make you feel comfortable in just three or two words, and you don’t even think she’s hypocritical, this afternoon I let her give me a pat on the back, dammit, it’s too on top”

        Claire shook her head helplessly and remembered that she still had something serious to say, so she raised her voice a bit and said with a serious face, “Charlie wade, Dad and Mom, I have something very important that I want to discuss with you!”