Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3836

Phoebe’s words immediately made Claire’s eyes light up.

                It suddenly occurred to her, “Charlie wade usually doesn’t have anything important to do in Aurous Hill, it’s just to help some acquaintances look at feng shui, it shouldn’t be very important ……”

                “If I let him go to America with me, he will definitely have plenty of time in terms of time ……”

                “That way, I wouldn’t have to worry about being separated from him for too long ……”

                Then, Claire thought of her parents and secretly thought, “Dad happens to be going to Korea soon for an exchange program, mum’s leg is almost healed, so she should have no problem at home by herself, and with mum’s kind of personality, she should be happier living at home alone in such a big house.”

                Thinking of this, Claire felt that asking her husband Charlie wade to go to America with her was definitely the best solution to this matter.

                So, she couldn’t hold back her excitement and asked Kerri West, “Kerri, may I ask, does the Rhode Island School of Design have any requirements for accommodation? If my husband is willing to go with me and the school doesn’t require that I live on campus, would it be possible for me to find a place off campus with my husband?”

                Kylie West smiled, “Normally, the school does provide dormitories, and they are single flats in very good condition, but if you live with two people, it is more or less crowded, and if you want to live off-campus, the school will not interfere in any way.”

                Phoebe said, “Sister Claire, if Mr. Wade is willing to accompany you, it would be more convenient for you to stay in a hotel off-campus, and the Rhode Island School of Design is very close to New York, and it just so happens that I will be going to New York for a while at the end of the month, so I can drive to your place in just over three hours to look for you.”

                Claire was already very excited by now and couldn’t help but say, “Then I’ll go home tonight and discuss it with my husband, I don’t know if he’ll agree yet ……”

                Phoebe smiled and said, “Mr. Wade loves you so much, he will definitely say yes!”

                Claire’s pretty face flushed and she nodded shyly.


                The Rhode Island School of Design master cla*s had left Claire a little distracted throughout the afternoon.

                She couldn’t wait to call Charlie wade several times and ask his opinion directly over the phone.

                But when she thought of the significance of this matter, she vaguely felt in her heart that she should tell Charlie wade in person in order to look official.

                So she kept her excited heart in check until she got off work in the evening and returned home to Townsend One.

                When Claire arrived home, Charlie wade was having tea with his father-in-law, Jacob, in the living room.

                She first greeted Charlie wade and Jacob, and then instinctively thought that Elaine must be cooking in the kitchen, so she went to the kitchen to have a look.

                But what she did not expect was that there was no sign of Elaine in the kitchen.

                This made her run out in surprise and ask, “Dad, Charlie wade, where is my mother?”

                Jacob grunted twice and said casually, “Your mother went to make a face with Benedict.”

                “Ah?!” Claire said, dumbfounded, “When did my mother go to play with Benedict?”

                Jacob smiled sarcastically, “It’s just that last time when Wendy brought Benedict back, your mother had a fight with your grandmother in front of her house! The two of them first chatted on WeChat for a few days, as if your mother gave Benedict tips on how to deal with your grandmother, and the two of them became good friends ……”.