Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3835

        “Criticism?” Kylie West said disdainfully, “The Rhode Island School of Design originally gave me the permission to grant special places, which is up to me, I can give it to whoever I want, not to mention your lack of qualifications, even if it is someone who has not studied design at all, as long as I fill in her profile and push her to the Rhode Island School of Design, then this person can attend the master cla*s openly and no one will say one more word about it!”

        Saying that, Kelly West looked at Claire and said seriously, “Claire, you should not have so much mental burden, now is just such an opportunity that is right in front of you, as long as you nod your head, this opportunity is yours.”

        Claire pursed her lips and asked with some difficulty, “Kairi are you telling the truth?”

        At this moment, deep inside Claire still could not believe all this.

        However, Kairi West said in an unusually firm tone, “Of course it’s true! Phoebe and I both think that you will be a very promising designer in the future, but you lack sufficient opportunities and qualifications, and this is a good time to accumulate qualifications.

        Speaking of this, Kelly West said seriously, “Claire, listen to me, this time for the master cla*s, you must go!”

        Phoebe also hurriedly encouraged from the side, “Yes Claire, make sure you take this opportunity! If you take a month or so to go to the US, your design career will benefit greatly in the coming decades, so don’t turn it down!”

        If it’s because you’re worried about the progress of the renovation of my villa, let me tell you, you don’t have to, it doesn’t matter to me if the villa is renovated a month or two later, I can totally wait.”

        Claire’s heart at this moment was also completely spoken to by the two of them.

        One was that she had been away from Aurous Hill for too long and could not let go of her husband and family; the second was that she was not sure about her company; and the third was that her qualifications were really limited and she was afraid that she would be treated as an alien if she went.

        The third is that she has limited qualifications and is afraid of being treated as an alien. But Kylie West’s words have dispelled her uncertainty about her qualifications.

        The company was fine, as the business was now on track and she could stop taking on new projects for a while.

        The only thing left is her husband and parents.

        When it comes to her husband and parents, the only one Claire is not willing to let go of is her husband Charlie wade.

        After all, she and Charlie wade had been married for so long, but had never been apart for such a long time.

        Moreover, not only did she have to be separated from Charlie wade for a month, but they would also be separated by ten thousand miles, which made Claire’s heart even more filled with reluctance.

        What’s more, she had never been to America before, and her heart was full of strangers to that country across the ocean.

        After thinking about it, she said to Phoebe and Kelly West, “Thank you both for your kindness, I will definitely consider this matter carefully, but please give me some time to discuss it with my husband at home.”

        Without hesitation, Phoebe said, “No problem, you go back and talk to Mr Wade properly, I believe he should support you.”

        Saying that, Phoebe raised her eyebrows and said with a smile, “Right Claire, you can have a good talk with Mr Wade and ask him to accompany you!”