Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3830

Hearing these words from Phoebe, Rukky Shan said somewhat nervously at once, “Miss, if you bring Master and Charlie wade to dinner together, won’t you be exposing your own identity?”

                “That wouldn’t be the case.” Phoebe said, “I plan to invite Claire first, and then have Claire help invite Charlie wade, and then I’ll just take Grandpa there and introduce myself to them at the dinner table.”

                Rukky Shan couldn’t help but ask, “Then how will you introduce your relationship with Master to Charlie wade?”

                Phoebe said, “This is easy, just say that grandpa is my distant grandfather, after all, the Zhan family and the Fei family are already related, so there won’t be any loopholes in terms of reasonableness.”

                Rukky Shan was puzzled and asked, “Miss, I don’t quite understand, why do you want to arrange for Master to meet with Charlie wade? Originally, there were two sets of plans for this matter, and the two plans were shielded from each other, so why did you take the initiative to remove this shield?”

                Phoebe sighed, “This matter always feels difficult, even if there are two sets of plans it may not be guaranteed to succeed, allowing grandpa to meet Charlie wade before the auction is also to add another new plan, perhaps after the first two plans have failed, grandpa can get what he wants from Charlie wade himself.”

                “Alright ……” Rukky Shan nodded helplessly, she knew very well the reason why Phoebe attached so much importance to this matter.

                Nowadays, Phoebe’s wings were not yet full and his father had little status in the family, what Phoebe feared most was that the old man would leave too early.

                Therefore, he could only pin his hopes on the Spring Return Pill.

                At this time, a member of the entourage knocked on the door and spoke, “Miss, the hotel is urging to check out, they require that the check-out procedure must be completed at 12 o’clock.”

                “Good.” Phoebe responded and spoke, “This will go down.”

                When Phoebe emerged from her room, outside the door, in addition to her entourage, was Kerri West, who had been in China for days.

                Kerri West had been staying at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace for the past few days, but today she was also changing to the Aurous Hill International Hotel along with Phoebe.

                Seeing Phoebe come out, Kerri West called out with a respectful face, “Miss Flynn.”

                Phoebe nodded and spoke, “Kerri, it’s hard for you to stay in Aurous Hill for a few more days, and then return to the United States after this week.”

                Without hesitation, Kerri West agreed and said, “Yes Miss Flynn.”

                Phoebe said with satisfaction, “Please don’t worry Miss Kairi, I will definitely not treat you badly after this matter is over.”

                Kairi West said with a smile, “Miss Flynn is very kind, it is an honour to help Miss Flynn.”

                Phoebe smiled faintly, nodded gently and said, “Let’s go, go check out of the room.”

                Afterwards, the group left the guest room area and headed to the hotel lobby.

                At that moment, Isaac Cameron happened to see Charlie wade out of his office and the two were walking quickly through the lobby.

                Phoebe saw Charlie wade at a glance, the scene was the same as when she first saw him, except that at that time, Charlie wade came in with Isaac Cameron, while this time, he was going out together.

                Seeing Charlie wade here at this time, she was not surprised in the slightest.

                Although she also knew that the Spring Return Pill auction would soon begin, and Charlie wade, as the owner of the Spring Return Pill, could be said to be the biggest boss behind this auction.

                Therefore, it naturally made sense for him to appear at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace at this time.

                Thus, Phoebe shouted, “Mr Wade!”

                Charlie wade heard the voice and knew without turning around that it was Phoebe.

                So he stopped in his tracks, turned to look at Phoebe and said with a smile, “It’s Miss Flynn, what are you doing here?”

                Phoebe shrugged her shoulders and said casually, “I’m preparing to check out …… Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace won’t let me renew my stay today, so I can only move to another hotel.”

                Charlie wade nodded gently and asked, “Miss Flynn should have already found a place to stay, right?”