Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3826

When Charlie wade heard his mother’s name, which actually came out of his wife Claire’s mouth, his whole body seemed to have been cast in a fixation spell, and he stood motionless in place.

                At this moment, it was as if Charlie wade’s consciousness had also lost contact with his body, while his heart was also tossing up shocking waves, and his emotions were already out of control as well, asking after him very urgently, “What did they say to you?!”

                Claire, seeing how excited Charlie wade was, was surprised and asked, “Honey, what are you so excited about …… Have you also heard of this person An Chengqin?”

                Claire’s question made Charlie wade’s throat stick out all of a sudden.

                In the past, Claire had also asked Charlie wade several times about his parents’ situation.

                Charlie wade could not bear to lie about his parents’ death, so he had told Claire truthfully that his parents had died in an accident when he was eight years old.

                However, although Charlie wade could not bear to lie about this matter, he did have some reservations, for example, he never told Claire the names of his parents and their life history.

                Therefore, Claire had always felt that Charlie wade might have lost his parents relatively early in life, so he himself had somewhat forgotten many of his parents’ memories and information.

                Moreover, Claire was not Phoebe, she did not have Phoebe’s brain or strength, so she never had any doubts after hearing Charlie wade talk about his parents’ past.

                So, Claire didn’t ask any more questions about the details.

                However, Charlie wade’s reaction to the three words An Chengqin really surprised Claire, and she realized in her heart: “If Charlie wade had never heard of An Chengqin, he would never have reacted so excitedly, but this person’s name, there is almost no information available on the internet, and she only heard of it for the first time today, so through what channel did Charlie wade know about it? “

                Charlie wade also finally realised at this time that he had just acted inappropriately.

                He then explained to Claire, “When I went to Eastcliff to read the feng shui of Miss Gu(Sun)’s family before, I once heard Miss Gu(Sun)’s parents mention this person, as if they knew An Chengqing and had a good relationship, so I was a little surprised to hear you mention her as well.”

                Claire immediately felt that this statement by Charlie wade was very reasonable, so her mind didn’t move to doubt, so he nodded and said, “So that’s how it is ……”

                The two of them talked to you about this An Chengqin lady, what did they talk about? I’m also curious about her, can you tell me about her as well?”

                Claire thought for a moment and said, “They told a lot of stories about An Chengqing, my idol, Kerri West, was even pushed up by her back then ……”

                Saying that, Claire then roughly told what she had heard today, about An Chengqing.

                Only then did Charlie wade know that it turned out that his own mother had already known Kylie West long before she knew his father, Bruce wade.

                It was even only today that he learnt that the villa he had lived in during his childhood in Eastcliff was actually the wedding house that Kerri West had personally come to China to design for his mother.

                It was just a pity that that house was now long gone, having been refurbished by the Wade family, and had been completely erased from its past.

                Thinking of this, Charlie wade could not help but feel sorrowful and emotional in his heart, and even regretted a little, regretting that he had given up the old mansion where his parents had lived in Aurous Hill to Deana at the auction.

                At this time, Claire said sadly, “I just didn’t expect that such an excellent strong woman would die young …… and listening to the two of them, it seems like there is something else fishy in the cause of An Chengqing’s death… …”

                When Charlie wade heard this, his heart felt like it was being hammered, and he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s fishy? Do the two of them know something inside?”

                Claire shook her head and said, “Ms. Wester knows nothing, she said she only knows that An Chengqing died in China, and her mother’s family claimed that it was an accident, but Ms. Zhan said that her grandfather seems to be keeping this matter secret, and said that even An Chengqing’s mother’s family did not dare to pursue the hidden story behind this matter.”

                Charlie wade’s heart was shocked, and he hastily asked again, “Didn’t that Miss Zhan say anything more specific about the clues?”

                “No.” Claire shook her head, “I heard from Miss Zhan that her grandfather didn’t want her to ask too many questions.

                Charlie wade had some vague excitement in his heart.

                All these years, he had always wanted to know the real reason for his parents’ death, but had never found any actual clues.

                Originally, he thought that the Banks family must have been behind his parents’ death.

                But after he came into contact with the Banks family, he gradually overturned this idea, as there was no way the Banks family could have been a match for his parents.

                And then he had suspected that these were inextricably linked to the Rothschild family, but he still had not found any valuable clues now.