Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3825

                When Charlie wade saw that she had taken off her socks and had rubbed several blisters on her feet, he could not help but say with some heartache, “Honey, what have you been doing all day? Why have you rubbed so many blisters?”

                Claire smiled shamefully and said “I was silly today, I forgot to wear sneakers and took them with me to several attractions and walked more than 20,000 steps ……”

                She said, she giggled, “It’s okay, I’m sure I’ll be better tomorrow when I change into sneakers!”

                Charlie wade asked offhandedly, “Your feet are like this, why are you still going shopping tomorrow?”

                Claire nodded and said seriously, “Of course I’m going! Honey, you don’t know, following Ms. Zhan and Ms. Wester, you can really learn a lot, I feel like I’m not even in the same world as them, there are a lot of things they say that I’ve never even heard of.”

                Charlie wade asked helplessly “Wife, nowadays is the information age, everything spreads very fast, even if you have never eaten pork, have you never seen a pig run?”

                I used to think that the richest person in the United States was Bill Gates, but after listening to them talk, I realized that the really rich people don’t even show their faces, and Bill Gates’ a*sets may not even rank in the top in the United States. “

                Charlie wade laughed and said, “Isn’t this a normal thing? The reason for the Forbes list is that most of them are owners of listed companies or even multiple listed companies, and listed companies are required to disclose their financial data, so they can see how much they hold. It’s only obvious how many shares they hold.”

                “That’s ……” Claire spat out her tongue and said, “Maybe I’ve never paid attention to this before, so my perception is still stuck in the news and newspapers from years ago, and after hearing them out, I realized that it seems this world is far more complicated than I imagined!”

                The world is more complicated than most people can imagine, but for ordinary people like us, there is no point in knowing too much, all we really need to do is to run our own lives well, the rest, at most, can be used as after-dinner conversation, chatting to relieve boredom is almost enough. “

                He said, Charlie wade also said “wife you sit down for a while, I will go get you a basin of warm water to soak your feet, it will help relieve your fatigue and blisters.”

                The words are so, but Charlie wade also knows that soaking the feet is only treating the symptoms but not the root cause, so he plans to use some aura to help her completely in the name of soaking the feet.

                Claire smiled cheekily and said “Thank you, husband! My feet are really ruined, I can only trouble my husband to help ……”

                Charlie wade laughed and said “That’s nothing, you be good and wait.”

                After saying that, Charlie wade went to the bathroom, brought a basin of warm water to Claire, seeped a little aura into the water, came back and placed the basin under her feet, said to Claire “Come on wife, put your feet in and soak for a while.”

                Claire nodded her head and said shyly “Thank you, husband!”

                Charlie wade said with a doting smile “Since when are you so polite with your husband.”

                He said, “You don’t have to care too much about that Kelly West, and you don’t have to care about the stories they tell that don’t have much to do with us, we’re just ordinary people, just get on with our lives.”

                Claire nodded his head very seriously and said, “In fact, I have always cautioned myself that such words are just to listen to, not to delve too deeply into, not to mention too much into ……”

                The first time I heard about a strong woman who I had never heard of before, but who is particularly powerful, after hearing about her, I was really shocked! I instantly felt that a small person with no ambition like myself was too insignificant compared to such a radiant person ……”

                Charlie wade smilingly said asked “What kind of strong woman is so powerful that she has made my wife start to doubt herself?”

                Claire seriously said “This strong woman is named An Chengqing, a Chinese American, have you heard of her story, husband?”