Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3823

              Hearing this, Phoebe could not help but ask with some curiosity, “Kylie, twenty-eight years ago in China, it would have been very traditional, right, and at that time, someone in China actually hired you from America to come to China to do private house design? This person is too avant-garde.”

                “Right.” Kylie West said with an expression of a few moments of admiration, “That noble person of mine, although Chinese, actually grew up in America as a child and later married the young master of a large family in Eastcliff, so she moved from New York to Eastcliff.”

                Phoebe frowned slightly and said, “You said she grew up living in America and asked you to come to China to do the design of her private house, and you were not allowed to reveal it to the public, is she very famous in America?”

                Kelly West looked at Phoebe in surprise, not expecting this Flynn family’s eldest lady to be so perceptive and find the key point at once.

                So, with a faint smile, she nodded and said, “In fact, thirty years ago, she was very, very famous in American high society, and even now there are many people who talk about her with awe.”

                Hearing this, Phoebe was even more curious and asked her, “If that’s true, then perhaps I’ve heard of her, what was her name, is it convenient to tell me?”

                Kerri West thought for a moment and laughed softly, “She has been gone for many years, it is not inconvenient.”

                Saying that, Kelly West put away her smile and said with a look of nostalgia, admiration and a bit of sadness, “Her name is An Chengqing, thirty years ago, she was known as the investment queen of Silicon Valley, I don’t know if you’ve heard of her, it’s not surprising if you haven’t, after all, she’s been gone for almost twenty years, when you were first born, she had already left America.”

                Hearing the three words An Chengqing, Phoebe’s entire body was dumbfounded!

She exclaimed, “An Chengqing …… How could I not know about An Chengqing, she was our ……”

                At this point, she gave a slight pause and hurriedly added, “She is the pride of our countless Chinese hearts!”

                In fact, Phoebe instinctively wanted to say that An Chengqing was the idol of all Stanford alumni, a spiritual leader who inspired all Stanford alumni to strive for excellence, and a totem-like presence at Stanford.

                No one at Stanford doesn’t know An Chengqi, and even though she died 20 years ago, her mark is still everywhere at Stanford.

                She is the highest ranked female alumna in the Stanford Hall of Fame and has supported a number of fledgling startups at Stanford and in Silicon Valley, many of which have now grown into international internet and technology behemoths.

                At Stanford, there is a road named after her, a building named after her, and a bursary fund.

                She is also recognised by all Chinese alumni of Stanford, as the Chinese light of Stanford.

                Although Phoebe had never met An Chengqi, she had heard too much about her since she was a child.

                So, at a very young age, she regarded An Chengqi as her biggest idol in life.

                And the reason she got into Stanford was because she was influenced by An Chengqi.

                When she arrived at Stanford and learnt more about An Chengqi, she was not only amazed, she was also in awe.

                Deep inside her heart, she even felt that if she could achieve a third of what An Chengqi had achieved in the future, then she would have lived her life in vain.

                However, she never thought that this interior designer she had met for the first time would be an old acquaintance of An Chengqin’s!

                So, she stood in place as if she was dumbfounded, her heart already pounding inside.

                At this moment, Claire was standing in a daze.

                This was the first time in her life that she had heard An Chengqi’s name.

                She didn’t know what these three words stood for, let alone how they were inextricably linked to her, she just felt that this name, like a poem, was as beautiful as ……