Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3817

                “What?!” Claire’s entire body was dumbfounded when she heard this and exclaimed, “Ms. Zhan, you …… You are not joking with me, right? You …… You really know Kerri West? The one who is known as Interior Design One, Kerri West?”

                Phoebe laughed, “How could I joke with you like that, I do have a good personal relationship with her, and I just extended an invitation to her two days ago to come to China sometime to see and play.”

                Claire suddenly became excited and hastily inquired, “Miss Zhan, then Ms Wester she …… has she agreed?”

                “Yes.” Phoebe said with a smile, “She is already coordinating the time and said she will come over as soon as possible, it just so happens that she has not been to China yet and is very interested in it.”

                Claire asked her with a wistful expression, “Miss Zhan …… I have an unrequited request, I don’t know if you can win ……”

                Phoebe looked at her and smiled, “Ms. Wilson, do you want to meet with Kerry?”

                “Yes!” Claire didn’t expect that Phoebe had instantly said what she wanted in her heart, and asked excitedly and apprehensively, “Ms. Flynn, is it possible?”

                “Of course!” Phoebe agreed without hesitation and smiled, “It just so happens that I am not too familiar with Aurous Hill, and after she comes, I am afraid that I will not be able to do the job of a guide, not to mention her, I myself desperately need a guide to show me more about the customs and people of Aurous Hill, so if Ms. Wilson is willing, the three of us can move together regularly at that time. “

                When Claire heard this, her whole body was already excited to the point of trembling a little.

                This was still different from the mentality of going to see Stephanie’s concert; she liked Stephanie more based on her musical works and liked her from an appreciation point of view.

                But she likes Kerri West based on her extreme admiration for her in the professional field.

                So, deep down, she was more excited to meet Kylie West than she was to see Stephanie in concert, and she was looking forward to it.

                So, almost without thinking, she asked out of the blue, “Miss Zhan …… Is it true that I can be a guide for you and Ms. Vester?!”

                Phoebe said with a serious face, “Being a guide is secondary, being a friend is the most important thing.”

                When Claire heard this, she was even more excited to the point of being unable to attach, and her heart was overflowing with gratitude to Phoebe.

                However, she suddenly thought of a question and could not help but ask Phoebe, “Miss Zhan, since you know Ms Vester and have such a good personal relationship with her, why did you choose me to do the decoration design for your villa? I’m afraid I can’t even do my job in front of her. ……”

                Phoebe shook her head solemnly and said, “Ms. Wilson, you must not be so presumptuous, Kaili naturally has her strong points, but it does not mean that you are inferior to her in every aspect.”

                As she said that, Phoebe added, “In fact, just now, after listening to your general advice on a direction, I wanted to tell you about a situation that I had overlooked before and did not give you feedback in time, and you happened to mention Kaili, so the topic was diverted.”

                Claire was busy asking, “What was the situation?”

                Phoebe said, “The reason why I bought this house is not mainly for my own residence, but for my grandfather to live more conveniently when he will come back to Aurous Hill to retire.”

                Saying that, she added, “Therefore, the decoration of the house, definitely cannot adopt the very fashionable style of Kaili, which the old man will definitely not be able to accept.”

                “And as you know, the older an old Chinese like my grandfather is, the more nostalgic and obsessed he is with his homeland and traditional Chinese culture, so I would prefer that the villa be decorated with more of our unique Chinese style.”

                “It would be even better if it could incorporate some of the local style and characteristics of Aurous Hill.”

                “And this demand of mine cannot be met by Kairi in any way.”