Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3815

      Rukky Shan then said, “Alright then, wait a moment, I’ll ask Ms. Wilson.”

        After saying that, Rukky Shan looked up at Claire and asked, “Ms. Wilson, our lady said she has time now, and she is staying at the Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace Hotel, which is not far from here, so if you don’t have anything to do, we can go there now.”

        Claire said without thinking, “I have no problem with that, let’s just go straight there.”

        “OK!” Rukky Shan smiled, “It just so happens that I’m driving here, why don’t Ms. Wilson take my car?”

        “Good!” Claire agreed readily, then immediately picked up a notepad from the desk, and put her tablet computer into her bag together, and followed Rukky Shan out of the company.

        Because before taking this order, Claire had already consulted Charlie wade, so after she took this order, she did not need to report everything to Charlie wade.

        This was especially so as meeting with the party was a common occurrence in the decoration field, and it was only natural that she would have to deal with the party all the time, so Claire did not think much of it.

        Rukkyshan drove Claire to Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, looking for various topics to chat with her on the way, and at the same time, she was constantly watching her to see if she was contacting anyone on her mobile phone or sending text messages.

        However, Claire was not a person who had to hold her mobile phone every day, plus she had Rukky shan to talk to on the way, so she kept her mobile phone in her bag and never took it out from the beginning to the end.

        This put Rukkyshan’s mind at ease.

        When the car arrived at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace, Rukky Shan took Claire to the presidential suite where Phoebe was staying.

        This was the first time that Claire met Phoebe.

        At first glance, Claire was shocked by the natural and powerful aura of the other party.

        Phoebe’s appearance was naturally impeccable, but what amazed Claire even more was that she had an omnipresent sense of dignity about her.

        This feeling seemed to be quite a lie, but when she really came face to face with such a person, the thought would unconsciously sprout in her heart that this person must have come from a very distinguished background.

        Similarly, Phoebe also felt that there was a big difference between Claire and her usual friends of the same S*x that she had come into contact with.

        Phoebe’s usual social circle was mostly top celebrities, and everyone was similar in terms of family and education, so when they got along, they had long had an atmosphere and feeling unique to the high circles, and when they were thrown into a sea of tens of thousands of people, they were still able to accurately judge the taste of their kind.

        However, she could not see from Claire’s body the kind of aura that the top elite cla*s should have.

        Moreover, Phoebe found that Claire was actually nervous in front of herself, which was visible to the naked eye.

        At this moment, Claire was indeed a little nervous.

        From the moment she knew that she was going to receive Phoebe’s villa for a $50 million renovation, she always felt that with her ability and popularity, she should not be able to correspond to such a large renovation project at all.

        Although she eventually took the project on, deep down, she still had a feeling that she had climbed too high.

        Now that she was meeting the golden master, there was naturally an uncontrollable nervousness within her.

        Phoebe took in her involuntary micro-expressions and took the initiative to extend her hand, saying with a smile, “Hello, Mr Wilson, I’ve heard a lot about you!”