Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3810

As she continued to follow this line of thought, Phoebe became more and more alarmed.

        She sat up from the bathtub all of a sudden, panicking and exclaiming in a low voice, “Mr. Joel is a six-star martial artist, if he can’t see any cultivation on Charlie wade, then only two possibilities exist, either Charlie wade doesn’t have any cultivation at all, or he must be above a six-star martial artist!”

        “Moreover, if it’s above a six-star martial artist, then it may not be a seven-star martial artist, but rather above the top!”

        “If Mr. Joel was really killed or controlled by him, then his cultivation level is, as Master Yuan said, already at the Dark Realm!”

        “And! He also chose the place for today’s meal, deliberately choosing such a remote place, was it really just to give me a taste of the local specialties?”

        “Coincidentally, the only thing that went wrong with the CCTV footage around the place he chose was that he didn’t find any valuable clues!”

        “Moreover, Charlie wade wasn’t with me the whole time we were eating, he went out to take a phone call in between! If he was a Dark Realm expert, then the time he spent answering the phone would have been enough for him to make a move on Mr. Joel!”

        Thinking of this, Phoebe felt her heart suddenly beat more than twice as fast, the intensity of her heartbeat even shook her chest with a sharp pain!

        In her heart, she knew very well that if her guess was right, then it would prove that everything Charlie wade had shown in front of her was all a show, or even a deliberate attempt to confuse herself.

        Phoebe was instantly flustered.

        There was only one possibility for Charlie wade to act in front of himself, and that was that he had recognized himself and knew his true motives, so he wanted to give himself a trick.

        Phoebe also knew that if she was really recognized by Charlie wade, it would prove that her mission to come to Aurous Hill this time was a complete failure.

        Moreover, not only would her plan to find the Spring Return Pill fail, but even if Charlie wade knew her true identity, it would probably implicate her grandfather’s plan to attend the auction normally.

        If that was the case, wouldn’t she become a sinner in grandpa’s eyes?

        Thinking of this, Phoebe was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

        Her greatest fear now was that Charlie wade would not only detect her motives, but also find out her identity as Phoebe.

        If that was the case, she would be completely powerless.

        If Charlie wade only detected her motive but did not discover her true identity, then there was still a silver lining to the matter.

        After all, she and her grandfather had originally planned to adopt a double insurance approach; even if this path of her own was blocked, at least it would not affect her grandfather’s ability to come to the auction normally.

        As long as Charlie wade did not know her true identity, she would be able to isolate the risk by not following her grandfather to the auction at that time.

        As soon as the call was answered, she hurriedly said, “Grandpa, I am at risk of being exposed, so from now on, until the end of the auction, I will not contact you again, and you do not need to contact me. I won’t be attending this time.”

        Garet was shocked and asked, “What’s going on? Did something unexpected happen again?”

        “No.” Phoebe said truthfully, “I am afraid that I have been exposed in front of the owner of the Spring Return Pill, and I now suspect that he is behind Mr. Joel’s disappearance, in which case I have probably offended him, and if he finds out about my relationship with you, I am afraid that it will affect your participation in the auction.”