Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3801

       In Phoebe’s opinion, for a six-star martial artist, his reflexes and body speed were too much stronger than normal people, and it was completely impossible for him to fall into a pit accidentally with his mobile phone.

        Seeing her nervousness, Charlie wade went up to her and said in a serious and rea*suring manner, “I see that your driver is very stable, standing all meticulously, at a glance he is a practitioner, nothing should happen to such a person! Besides, our security in Aurous Hill is always very good, he is a big living person, nothing can possibly happen to him, don’t worry!”

        Phoebe’s anxiety was not relieved in any way by Charlie wade’s comfort.

        It was because she knew very well in her heart that Joel was a six-star martial artist of superb strength.

        It was reasonable to say that no one in the whole of China could find an existence whose strength could surpa*s his.

        Therefore, it was almost impossible for him to have any accidents.

        But now, it was this person who could not possibly have any accidents that had disappeared for no apparent reason, which instantly gave her a strong sense of crisis, making her feel as if she was firmly wrapped by an incomparably powerful, yet completely invisible and untouchable whirlpool.

        Charlie wade, who was still engrossed in acting at this time, ran to the kitchen door and knocked on it, and when it opened, he immediately asked the cook inside, “Did any of you see the man standing in the courtyard just now?”

        The chef shook his head and said, “Master Wade, I haven’t been out ah ……”

        Charlie wade asked again, “What about the little brother who greeted us at the door when we arrived?”

        The chef was busy saying, “He has already left, he went back first not long after you and your distinguished guests arrived, because today Master Wu had instructed us not to receive other guests, just to serve your table, so he had nothing to do if he stayed, so he left first.”

        “Strange ……” muttered Charlie wade, “A big living man standing there, when did he leave and where did he go that no one knows?”

        The cook shook his head vigorously and said offhandedly, “We really don’t know ……”

        Charlie wade asked again, “Then do you have surveillance here?”

        The chef shook his head again and laughed twice before saying, “There is no monitoring ah Master Wade …… you also know that our boss is under the hand of the Fifth Master, we usually entertain here, are also people on the road, in order to avoid trouble, so there is no monitoring ……”

        Charlie wade sighed helplessly and said, “Alright then, I’ll think of another way.”

        After saying that, he turned to the nervous Phoebe and said, “Miss Flynn, why don’t I wait with you for a while longer, if we still can’t contact him, let’s go to the police.”

        Although Phoebe was apprehensive, she could not think of any solution at all at this moment, so she said to Charlie wade, “Thank you Mr. Wade, I’ll send a message to the others first to say ……”

        After saying that, she hurriedly sent a WeChat to Rukky shan with her mobile phone, asking her to immediately inform the other people accompanying her of the news of Joel’s disappearance, and also asking them to make sure to find a way to check the surveillance around the farmhouse to see if they could find a little clue before calling the police.

        Rukky shan, who was measuring the room with Claire, was also in a cold sweat when she heard that Joel could have disappeared, so she hurriedly coordinated to instruct the others to hurry up and search for clues.

        Joel’s disappearance meant a complete loss of security for them.

        It was as desperate as if a group of rookies who didn’t know how to raid a tomb had followed Hu Bayi from Ghost Blows Out the Lamp, only to have Hu Bayi let the dumplings kidnap them as soon as they entered the tomb!

        Moreover, they knew very well that if this place, Aurous Hill, had an existence that couldx make Joel vaporize, then if the other party wanted to make Phoebe vaporize along with their entourage, it would be as easy as a snap!