Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3797

       He didn’t believe that Charlie wade could kill two six-star martial artists with his own hands, and he had done so by smashing them to death with a stone, this was simply a travesty of the world!

        So, he stared at Charlie wade and said in a cold voice, “Mr. Wade, I didn’t want to hurt you, but I can’t help but feel that you have angered me with your words several times, since that’s the case, don’t blame me for not being polite! I will use my fists to show you what a six-star martial artist is!”

        With that, he gathered his true qi into his fists and legs almost without thinking, and fiercely tried to charge directly at Charlie wade!

        However, Joel didn’t really want to kill Charlie wade, he just wanted to teach him a lesson, to show him the strength of a six-star martial artist!

        Joel’s body rushed towards Charlie wade like a speeding truck, in his mind, even if he didn’t swing his fist, but just hit Charlie wade with his body, it would be enough to kill Charlie wade half.

        But what he didn’t expect in his wildest dreams was that Charlie wade didn’t have the slightest intention to dodge, he just lazily stretched out an arm and said indifferently, “A six-star martial artist is no different from a dead dog in my place!”

        Feeling humiliated, Joel gritted his teeth and roared, “You seek death!”

        With that, his body exploded with even more power as he rushed straight towards Charlie wade!

        However, at the moment he was about to rush towards Charlie wade, he suddenly felt as if all his strength had been instantly sucked away from him, and his entire body was like a grain of sand falling into the desert, not making any waves at all!

        Only when he saw clearly did he realise, to his horror, that it was Charlie wade’s right hand that was blocking his body at that moment!

        This made him feel like he had been struck by lightning!

        Because he couldn’t believe that Charlie wade had blocked his entire body with just one hand, and had even used one hand to remove all his force!

        All the force he had just brewed up seemed to have sunk into the sea at this moment, and the huge impact was instantly removed without a trace!

        At this moment, Joel’s world view was completely turned upside down!

        It was only at this moment that he finally realised the difference between himself and Charlie wade, it was like a difference between clouds and mud!

        He looked at Charlie wade with incomparable horror and asked with difficulty, “You …… how …… do you …… have such great strength …… what on earth are you person!”

        Charlie wade raised his eyebrows and laughed: “You’ve already asked this question three times.”

        Joel subconsciously asked, “What exactly is your …… cultivation level?! I’ve never seen someone who is less than thirty years old and whose strength can surpa*s that of a six-star martial artist ……”

        Charlie wade asked him curiously, “Then have you heard of the Wan Broken Army?”

        “Wan Broken Army?” Joel blurted out, “I’ve heard of it, the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall and an eight-star martial artist!”

        Charlie wade smiled and asked, “Then do you know how old he is?”

        Joel shook his head, “This person is very mysterious, no one knows his exact information ……”

        Speaking of this, he suddenly came back to his senses and asked in shock, “You …… the person you just called, is Wan Breaking Jun?”

        Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “That’s right, it’s him, but he’s not even thirty years old this year.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added: “Also, I am also less than thirty years old, so it seems that you are a bit less knowledgeable!”

        Joel’s body was stunned as he finally realised what it meant to say that there were people outside of people, and there were heavens outside of heaven.

        He had always thought that Wan Bajun must be at least forty or fifty years old to be able to have the strength of an eight-star martial artist and run such a huge organization as the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, but he had never expected that he would be less than thirty years old.

        Moreover, what he didn’t expect was that Wan Bajun, as the Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, would call himself a subordinate in front of Charlie wade!

        Could it be that this Charlie wade in front of him was the true master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall?!