Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3795

        At this time, Charlie wade took another piece of pancetta and put it on her plate, saying, “The goose stewed with pancetta is delicious, and the pancetta itself is even better, so you should try it too.”

        “Also the dried bean curd stew in here is a masterpiece, the kind of dish you’d never get in France!”

        Phoebe saw the small plate in front of her being piled up with food by Charlie wade, her heart was both shy and touched, she rarely ate alone with boys, so this feeling of being thoughtfully taken care of by the opposite S*x was a first.

        So, she blushingly nodded and said, “Mr. wade you don’t always give me food, you yourself haven’t eaten a single bite until now ……”

        Charlie wade smilingly said, “No hurry, I think if I use these chopsticks, I won’t be able to give you food!”

        Said, and gave her a piece of goose meat with skin, said: “In fact, eating big goose, is to eat this meat with skin is the most fragrant, you quickly taste!”

        Phoebe nodded her head, carefully put the piece of meat on the edge of her mouth and blew on it gently, and then carefully tested the temperature with her thin lips before putting it into her mouth and chewing it gently.

        She felt the rich flavour of the meat filling her mouth and taste buds. The aroma of this wood-fired iron pot stewing for a long time was something she had never tasted before in the United States, and she was instantly amazed.

        Afterwards, she couldn’t wait to try the pancetta that Charlie wade gave her, and the melt-in-your-mouth, fatty but not greasy sensation turned her perception of pork upside down.

        However, what surprised her the most was the inconspicuous dried bean curd in the pot.

        Because, she really couldn’t imagine why the originally crisp bean curd would turn into this very soft but tough texture, and it was so delicious that it brought tears to her eyes.

        Charlie wade also did not expect that this woman, who had returned from a foreign country, would be so superb at fighting when she ate goose stewed in an iron pot, so he hurriedly called the cook again and used cornmeal to stick a circle of corn cakes in the pot.

        Unexpectedly, it was this simple coarse grain cake that once again refreshed Phoebe’s perception and made her praise it.

        While Charlie wade enthusiastically opened up for Phoebe to eat, he looked at the time, it was already 7.30pm and although there were curtains inside, he could see that the sky outside was already dark.

        Charlie wade felt that right now, it was almost the best time to make a move on that six-star martial artist in the courtyard.

        He planned to use the excuse of going to the toilet to leave the box, go directly to the courtyard, take control of that six-star martial artist as quickly as possible, and then have Don Albert load him directly onto the car and take him away.

        So, he sent a text message to Don Albert and asked him to drive over now.

        Don Albert was currently waiting by the roadside two kilometres away with two of his men.

        Upon receiving Charlie wade’s text message, he immediately instructed his men in the driver’s seat, “Drive, let’s go there now!”

        His men immediately put the car in gear and drove it out.

        Just as Charlie wade was planning to find an excuse to go out, his mobile phone suddenly received a call from Wan Bajun.

        At this moment, Charlie wade’s brows knitted slightly and he thought in his heart that he must have gotten news from Wan Bajun’s intelligence network.

        He then picked up the phone straight away and naturally said to Phoebe, “Miss Zhan, I’m going out to take a call.”

        Phoebe did not doubt it, nodded and said, “Mr. wade, please make yourself comfortable.”

        Charlie wade took his mobile phone and went out to the courtyard.

        Joel, Phoebe’s driver and bodyguard, was still standing motionless at the door of the Cadillac.

        Charlie wade glanced at Joel, he knew very well that with Joel’s status as a six-star martial artist, once he picked up the phone, Joel would definitely be able to hear Wan Bajun’s voice and what he said on the phone.

        However, Charlie wade still nodded at Joel very calmly, then directly pressed the answer button and said indifferently, “Hey, Broken Jun, have you got any results on the matter you were asked to investigate?”