Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3791

        Moreover, she was not worried that her true identity would be revealed at the auction, as her identity as Zhan Feier was true and the Zhan family in France was still a distant relative of the Flynn family, so it made sense for her, as a junior of a distant relative, to accompany the head of the Flynn family to the auction.

        Thinking of this, she felt even more relaxed.

        Even deep inside her heart, she had begun to fantasise uncontrollably.

        She imagined that at the auction, her grandfather had missed out on the Spring Return Pill, and just when he was stifling his heart and feeling deeply resentful, she had bought a Spring Return Pill directly from Charlie wade through her personal friendship with him.

        At that time, he would be the saviour of his grandfather’s eyes.

        Although Phoebe felt a little bit of shame and humiliation for such a thought, when she thought that her family could only rely on such an opportunity to fight a beautiful turnaround in the Flynn family, the shame in her heart immediately disappeared.

        She knew in her heart that fighting for power in the Flynn family was like fighting for a kingdom in the royal family, and it was no surprise that she would use any means to achieve her goal.

        Five minutes later.

        There was a knock on the door and Joel’s voice came from outside the door, “Miss, the car is ready.”

        “Okay, I’m on my way.”

        Phoebe picked up a limited edition Hermes Himalayan platinum bag in a black and white gradient that complemented this long dress she was wearing.

        Standing in front of the dressing mirror at the door, Phoebe surveyed herself in the mirror and shook her head helplessly, thinking to herself, “I should have known not to wear this outfit, dressing like this to eat iron pot stew at a farmhouse always makes me feel like a clown ……”

        With a light sigh, Phoebe opened the door to her room.

        Six-star martial artist Joel was already waiting outside the door.

        When he saw her come out, he immediately said respectfully, “Miss, it’s time to go.”

        “Good.” Phoebe nodded and went to the hotel lobby with Joel.

        Her bulletproof Cadillac sedan of the same model as the President of the United States of America was already parked in front of the lobby, and one of her men handed the car keys to Joel, and then pulled open the rear door for Phoebe.

        After Flynn had gotten in, Luo came to the driver’s side and unlocked the central control of the vehicle while asking, “Miss, where are we going?”

        Phoebe said, “You should search Liujia Village on the navigation, it seems to be on the side of some National Highway 104.”

        Joel frowned and spoke, “Liujia Village? It sounds like a suburb, why are you going to such a place, Miss?”

        Phoebe said, “Charlie wade said he wanted to treat me to dinner, and the place was chosen there.”

        Joel typed in Liujia Village on the navigation and after finding the location, he was surprised and said, “This place is nearly thirty kilometres away from the city, it’s too remote, how could that Charlie wade choose this place? Is there something fishy here? “

        Phoebe was silent for a moment and whispered, “I don’t think so, I’ve only met Charlie wade once, does Mr. Joel think I’ve exposed any clues?”

        Joel thought for a moment and said, “I didn’t go in with you yesterday, so I can’t say specifically if you have revealed any clues or if there is anything you have missed.”

        Phoebe thought carefully for a moment and then said, “There doesn’t seem to be anything I’ve missed, I’ve always been quite cautious.”

        Joel suddenly thought of something and said seriously, “Miss, I am actually a clue.”

        Phoebe asked curiously, “What does Mr. Joel mean by that?”

        Joel said with a straight face, “If that Charlie wade is above me in strength, he should be able to tell that I am a six-star martial artist, in that case, he would definitely suspect your identity, Miss, because with that Zhan Feier’s background, it is impossible for you to have a six-star martial artist close to protect you.”

        Phoebe asked somewhat nervously, “Mr. Joel, do you think that Charlie wade’s strength, would be above yours?”

        Joel said very seriously, “A six-star martial artist in his twenties, I haven’t heard of one, but just because I haven’t heard of one, doesn’t mean there isn’t one!”