Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3787

        Phoebe said blandly, “Mr. Smith, there is no need to be so polite, but after you leave this door, anyone in Aurous Hill who asks you if you know me, you must deny it, do you understand?”

        Smith did not know what Phoebe’s intention was, but he still immediately nodded and said, “Don’t worry Miss Flynn, from now on, I don’t know you.”

        Phoebe nodded faintly.

        Not many people knew of her true identity, and even fewer in Aurous Hill.

        Apart from the attendants around herself, the only person who knew was this Smith.

        Therefore, she naturally hoped that Smith would keep the secret and never become a breakthrough for others to investigate her identity.

        However, Phoebe did not know that Charlie wade had already started to investigate her identity.


        The next morning, Stephen Thompson sent Charlie wade all the information that Phoebe and her group had left behind when they entered the country.

        Apart from the identity information of Phoebe that Zhan Feier, Charlie wade also identified the information of that six-star martial artist who had left information named Wang Hai, also a French Chinese.

        Charlie wade also knew very well that this Wang Hai’s identity was definitely a fake as well.

        The only thing that was real was the facial information left behind when he entered the country.

        Subsequently, Charlie wade sent the information given to him by Stephen Thompson to Wan Bajun, and at the same time gave him an order.

        “Broken Jun, you help me put a reward on your intelligence system for clues related to this woman.”

        Wan Bajun immediately opened the information and asked in surprise, “Mr. Wade, isn’t your information here already complete? And it is already very detailed, not only the personal identity information is well documented, even her entry information in China is all clear.”

;         Charlie wade said, “I suspect that this woman has another identity, this Zhan Feier is just a vest for her.”

        Saying that, Charlie wade added, “This woman has a personal bodyguard by her side, and a six-star martial artist, the one called Wang Hai.”

        “A six-star martial artist?!” Wan Xiaojun said in surprise, “I’ve never heard of any six-star martial artist working as a bodyguard for someone else ……”

        Charlie wade asked him, “Apart from the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, do you know of a large number of six-star martial artists?”

        “Not many.” Wan Bajun said seriously, “Although there are many Martial Dao families overseas, six-star martial artists are rare and rare, generally those who can reach this level have basically started a sect, even those top families can only worship them as guests, very few of them can keep a six-star martial artist around as a bodyguard …… “

        Saying that, Wan Breaking Jun added: “I reckon that among the Chinese families, the only ones who can have this strength are the An family in America and the remaining two or three top hidden wealthy Chinese families.”

        Charlie wade asked him, “Apart from the An family, do you know anything about the other top Chinese families?”

        Wan Bajun said, “The Sun family and the Flynn family in the United States, as well as the Feng family in Canada, all three of them are very strong.”

        Saying that, Wan Bajun added, “Since this Zhan Feier departed from the United States, then I reckon it’s either the Sun family or the Flynn family.”

        Charlie wade asked him, “Is your intelligence network absolutely reliable? If you send this Zhan Feier’s information to your informants, will they reveal the clues to each other?”

        “No.” Wan Xiaojun said, “Although these informants are all connected to us on line, we have all their information and family members’ information, no one dares to turn against us.”

        “That’s good.” Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction and said, “Then you will help me release her information, and reward five million dollars to anyone who can provide information on her true identity! Make sure to find out her true identity for me!”