Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3786

Having said that, he couldn’t wait to follow up, “Miss Flynn, how did you get a picture of this Director wade, do you know him? Can you introduce me to him, please!”

        At this moment, Smith felt as if he was on the verge of drowning and had finally grabbed another straw to save his life.

        Not being able to see Liam or get the Jiu Xuan Reclamation Pill, his entire being was almost on the verge of collapse.

        He also tried to find a way to find that Director wade, after all, in his impression, that Director wade seemed to be quite useful in speaking.

        Because, back then, it was this Director wade who had given himself that batch of Jiu Xuan Recycle Pills.

        However, when Charlie wade met him that day, he did not leave any identity information.

        Therefore, Smith did not even know what Charlie wade’s name was, let alone how he could find him.

        Now that he saw that Phoebe had Charlie wade’s photo, he was naturally excited.

        At this moment, Phoebe smiled slightly and thought in her heart, “As expected, that Charlie wade is not only the Master Wade who is admired by everyone in Aurous Hill, but he is also the actual owner of the Spring Return Pill! On top of that, he is even the owner behind Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical!”

        Thinking of this, Phoebe could not help but calculate Charlie wade’s strength and worth.

        The Spring Return Pill, one is worth ten billion US dollars, who knows how much Charlie wade has.

        Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical, now has two commonly used drugs selling like hotcakes, and the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill is a miracle in the medical field, if it can really maximize its production capacity, Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical’s market value will easily break a trillion dollars.

        According to this trend, Charlie wade alone had the chance to become the fourth after the three top families in the world.

        The more this happened, the more Phoebe could not figure it out.

        She couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, “I really don’t understand why Charlie wade, who has such great strength, has to resign himself to this tiny Aurous Hill City?”

        “Moreover, he is still willing to be a superfluous son-in-law in a small, down-at-heel family that is not well known, could it be that that Claire really has some extraordinary magical power?!”

        As Phoebe was thinking, Smith saw that she did not say anything for a long time, and could not wait to ask: “Miss Flynn, this Mr. Wade is a matter of my son’s life, if you know any clues, please can you tell us a thing or two ……”

        Phoebe looked back at him and spoke, “Mr. Smith, you are the head of the FDA, so if I am correct, you came to Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals in Aurous Hill, you should not simply be seeking medicine for your son, right?”

        Smith said truthfully, “Miss Flynn, this time, apart from asking for medicine, I also hope to negotiate with Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical to enter the American market to sell Jiu Xuan Zai Zai Pills, so as to obtain this special medicine for cancer patients in China!”

        Said Smith, busy: “Miss Flynn, please do me a favor and help me make an appointment with this Mr. Wade ……”

        Phoebe said rather helplessly, “Mr. Smith, right now I have very important things to ask him for myself, and I haven’t found the doorway yet, so I may not be able to help you in this matter.”

        Hearing this, Smith could not help but ask, “Miss Flynn, do you also want to ask him for the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill?”

        Phoebe pondered for a moment, nodded and said, “Sort of.”

        Smith sighed and said in a somewhat downcast mood, “If even Miss Flynn is having a hard time finding a way in, then I’m afraid it will be even harder for me ……”

        Phoebe nodded and said, “Let’s work together on this matter, if I can find a doorway and solve my own claim, I will definitely find a way to help you fight for the Jiu Xuan Rejuvenation Pill.”

        Hearing these words, Smith’s heart suddenly felt a little lighter, and he quickly said gratefully, “Then thank you, Miss Flynn!”