Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3781

        “In that case, the quality of life for all of us will be reduced, and I hope you will understand when the time comes! It doesn’t matter if you can’t understand, just get over it physically.”

        When Old Lady Wilson heard this, her eyes rolled around in their sockets several times, and her mind even raced, carefully considering the pros and cons.

        If she let Benedict stay here, although her mood would be somewhat affected, as Wendy had said, she would have an additional helper, and one who was in her prime.

        In that case, the pressure of serving one’s son and grandson would naturally be much lessened, if not more than half.

        It would also be the most cost effective way to save money, as there would be no need to rent a separate house for Benedict, and it would only be a matter of adding a pair of chopsticks to the house, with minimal increase in cost.

        However, if we don’t let Benedict stay here, Wendy will go out and rent an apartment for Benedict, which will cost her two to three thousand dollars a month.

        If Benedict was allowed to eat alone, the cost of food would increase a lot, and it would not be as simple as adding a pair of chopsticks.

        A few thousand less dollars a month in household income would have a huge impact on life in real terms.

        Thinking of this, Old Mrs. Wilson resentfully said, “Benedict, for Wendy’s sake, I will let you into the family this time, but in the future, you must be honest and sincere in the family, got it?

        When Benedict heard this, she was so excited that she was incoherent, she nodded her head and said, “Thank you mum …… thank you mum …… I …… I know …… I will definitely be honest and honest in the future, I will definitely take care of the household properly!”

        Christopher sighed and didn’t say anything more, he was already soft-hearted at this point, and his heart felt a little more guilty about what happened to Benedict before.

        On Wendy’s side, a stone had finally fallen to the ground.

        In fact, she had received a phone call from her mother two days ago.

        After Benedict’s mother pa*sed away, her brother and sister-in-law couldn’t wait to kick her out of the house, fearing that she was staying to fight for the ancestral property.

        Benedict had nowhere else to go but to call her daughter for help, but she couldn’t think of any other way.

        After all, she knew that her mother-in-law hated her to the bone, her husband also hated her to the bone, and her son Harold was seriously injured in bed, so even if she wanted to help herself, she might not have the ability to do so, so she could only pin her hopes on her daughter Wendy.

        Fortunately, Wendy got her old mobile phone card back, otherwise Benedict wouldn’t even be able to call her, so she would have been unable to answer her phone.

        Wendy had also complained about her mother at first, not to mention the fact that her family’s savings had all been wiped out, and she couldn’t get over it.

        However, since Charlie wade had helped her and put her in charge of Shangmei Etiquette Company, her outlook on life, worldview and values had all changed dramatically.

        She is no longer as vain as she was at the beginning, but is now obsessed with making money with her own two hands, and she is also much more patient and tolerant of many people and things around her.

        As soon as she heard that her mother was now living in a place of no fixed abode, she let her return to Aurous Hill without any hesitation.

        Because she felt that she could not sit back and let her mother suffer in any way.

        Therefore, she had also thought of two solutions long ago.

        If her father and grandmother could accept her, then the family would still live together and those old barriers would gradually dissipate in the future with time.

        If they couldn’t accept her, it didn’t matter, she could afford to give her a stable life.

        However, right now, if Grandma and Dad could agree, in Wendy’s eyes, it was the best solution.

        As Elaine watched Benedict’s grateful and tearful face, she couldn’t help but feel a little saddened in her heart.

        She couldn’t help but think in her heart, “If I didn’t have my good son-in-law Charlie wade, my status in the Wilson family would not be as good as Benedict’s, and I don’t know how much humiliation I would have to suffer from the old lady ……”