Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3779

        Wendy’s eyes turned red and she said, “Dad! Grandma! My grandmother died some time ago, and my mother has been ostracised by my uncle in her mother’s house.

        Benedict, who was also crying, went downstairs and knelt on the floor with a poof, crying, “Mom …… Christopher …… was my fault for not fulfilling my duties and responsibilities as a daughter-in-law and wife, I Please, for the sake of raising children for the Wilson family, give me a chance to change my ways …… please!”

        Old Mrs. Wilson said in disgust, “As a woman, what’s wrong with marrying into our family and raising children for our family? Isn’t this all your duty? Why do I hear you say this as if you have done something to deserve it?”

        Benedict cried, “Mom …… I’m not saying that I have any merit, but even if I don’t have merit, I have been in the Wilson family for so many years, so at least I have some hard work, right? I’ve been in the Wilson family for so many years that I’ve at least had a share of fatigue, even if I didn’t have any hard work. After so many years, even if you had raised a dog, you would still have feelings for it, why do you have to be so cruel to me?”

        Old Mrs. Wilson sneered, “If I had a dog, would it steal my money? If I had a dog, would the dog have given my son a green hat?

        When Christopher heard this, he felt uncomfortably prickly all over and spoke in a low voice: “Aiya mum …… you …… what kind of analogy are you using? It’s too inappropriate ……”

        Old Mrs. Wilson gave Christopher a white look and grunted, “What’s inappropriate? I’m not being harsh in my words! In my eyes, Benedict is worse than a dog! How dare she claim credit for having children with me? She deserves it!”

        Elaine, who hadn’t said anything, was furious when she heard this, and cursed out loud, “You old woman, your words stink worse than farts! Do you think it’s right for us women to give birth to and work hard for your Wilson family? Don’t forget that you are a woman too! If you had met a mother-in-law like you when you were a daughter-in-law, you probably would have died before you could live to be thirty!”

        Old Mrs. Wilson snorted coldly, “Humph! I was lucky that my short-lived mother-in-law died early! When I was thirty, my mother-in-law had been dead for two years!”

        Elaine immediately sneered, “Yes! I really envy you! Your life is really good! Unlike me and Benedict, who had such a miserable life, we met a mother-in-law who was not only bad, but also an old and immortal woman!”

        Old Mrs. Wilson was so angry that she spat blood and cursed out of her mouth, “Elaine …… What are you …… saying about me?”

        Elaine said in a cold voice: “I said you are bad and dripping with sh*t, and you are also an old immortal! Bad dripping sh*t old immortal!”

        “You …… you ……” Old Mrs. Wilson was furious and pointed at Christopher and ordered through gritted teeth, “Christopher! Quickly smash her to death for me!!!”

        Christopher’s expression was stunned, and his ears recalled what his mother had said earlier, so he spoke up and said, “Mom, it’s better to endure a moment of peace and calmness, and to take a step back to broaden the horizon, that’s what you just taught me!”

        Old Mrs. Wilson was furious: “There is another saying that says, ‘endure a moment of peace and calmness, take a step back and get angrier’! You can back out of this today, but I can’t!”

        With that, she reached out her hand and grabbed Christopher’s cane, saying angrily, “You useless thing! Let go of my hand! I’ll smash her myself!”