Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3775

        Now, with a budget of $50 million to go with the villa that Graham Quinton had previously owned, Zhan Feier is giving Claire enough budget and even a very good cast to make it her first big production as long as Claire agrees.

        Therefore, it was naturally very attractive to Claire.

        Thinking of this, he immediately looked at Claire and smiled softly, “Wife, I have just said that you don’t need to have any psychological burden, since you feel that this project is particularly suitable for you to make a big splash, then you should feel free to boldly follow it!”

        Hearing this, Claire asked excitedly, “Is it really possible husband?”

        Charlie wade nodded his head and said seriously, “Of course! I’ve always believed in your strength in design, it’s just that for such a long time you were not given importance in the Wilson family, burying your talent and gifts. Since you want to develop deeply in this field, then this villa of Zhan Feier is indeed a good opportunity for you to show your personal strength, hubby believes in your strength, go for it!”

        Claire excitedly clenched her pink fist and said firmly, “Don’t worry husband, I will definitely give my best!”


        At this moment, Jacob had already followed Elaine’s instructions and drove the car to the door of the villa next door.

        After the car was parked, Elaine pointed to the roof of the car and said impatiently, “Jacob, open the sunroof, I want to stand outside the sunroof and shout at them!”

        Jacob said casually, “There is no sunroof in this car.”

        Elaine’s eyes widened, “What? A $10 million car doesn’t even have a sunroof, that’s too shabby, right? Doesn’t your BMW 530 have a panoramic sunroof?”

        Jacob pointed to the star-filled roof of the car and explained, “They chose the more expensive star roof, and if they chose the star roof, the top can’t be opened, so there is no sunroof.

        Elaine said resentfully, “Forget it then, I’ll open the window!”

        With that, she lowered the pa*senger window and shouted in the direction of Old Lady Wilson’s bedroom, “Christopher’s wife! Christopher’s wife! Are you home Christopher’s wife?!”

        Jacob was stunned and asked, “Didn’t Christopher’s wife steal my mother’s money and run away some time ago? What are you calling her for?”

        Elaine said impatiently, “You don’t know sh*t! This is called hitting the snake to get the seventh inch, of course I have to rub salt into their wounds!”

        After saying that, she continued to shout, “Is Christopher’s wife home?”

        At that moment, Old Mrs. Wilson had just finished serving Christopher Wilson and Harold dinner.

        Because Wendy’s income had been rising recently, the family’s life had finally improved, from being unable to make ends meet before to being truly well-off.

        However, their fingers are slow to recover and they are not yet able to take care of themselves, so they still have to rely on the old lady to feed them spoon by spoon at home.

        Harold had just finished his meal and burped when he heard someone outside shouting his mother Christopher’s wife’s name.

        So, he subconsciously asked, “Dad, Grandma, did you hear that? It seems that someone is calling my mother’s name!”

        Christopher Wilson immediately said in exasperation, “Don’t mention your mother to me! I get angry just thinking about her!”

        As she was saying that, the sound of Elaine’s shouting came from outside, and when Old Mrs. Wilson heard it, she blurted out, “This voice …… sounds like Elaine!”

        “Elaine?!” When Christopher Wilson heard this, he immediately gritted his teeth in anger and cursed angrily, “What the f*ck! I still haven’t settled the score with her for the cuckold on the balcony, and she still dares to provoke me! I’ll scold her!”