Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3773

        Claire heard this, helplessly shook his head, lamented: “You’re right …… to really return this car, I reckon they both can’t get over this thing in the next year or two …… “

        Claire also said with some concern, “Honey, that Miss Zhan, the offer is a bit too generous …… you just took time to give her a feng shui reading this morning, and she gave her such an expensive car, it’s not quite right…”

        Charlie wade casually said, “There’s nothing inappropriate, she’s asking for something from me.”

        Claire hesitated for a moment and spoke, “This afternoon, a girl surnamed Shan came to the company to look for me, saying that she came to make an appointment with me on behalf of that Miss Zhan to meet and talk about the renovation of the Water Cloud Villa ……”

        “Oh?” Charlie wade asked with interest, “That Miss Zhan, is she preparing to find you to renovate the villa?”

        Claire nodded and said, “It sounds like it should be.”

        Saying that, Claire pursed her lips and opened her mouth, “That Miss Shan gave me a rough idea of the budget, and it was said that it was going to cost fifty million to renovate that villa, and the design fee alone was a separate five million ……”

        In the domestic home improvement market, users generally do not recognise design fees.

        Ordinary designers can easily spend hundreds of yuan a square metre on design fees, which in most people’s opinion is completely robbery in general.

        Therefore, most people looking for a decorator to renovate their home will ask the decorator to waive the design fee.

        Most decorators will also be more confused, already formed design template directly to the customer to pick a pick, basically even if the work is finished.

        The client does not have to pay for the design, but the result seems to be satisfactory, so over time, people are more reluctant to pay for the design.

        This is also the current situation of many designers in China.

        Claire has been doing decoration for a long time, and most of her home decoration clients are very generous in terms of decoration, but very stingy in terms of design fees.

        Those who could be like Phoebe, who directly and explicitly took out 10% as the design fee, were almost rare.

        Charlie wade was also slightly surprised when he heard this, not so much about whether the five million design fee was too much or too little, he was just surprised by Zhan Feier’s style of action.

        This woman, although she was deliberately approaching herself, her actual operation was all kinds of pandering and pleasing, donating a few words to the Calligraphy and Painting a*sociation, sponsoring a $50 million art exhibition, giving Jacob a Rolls Royce Cullinan, and then following up with a $50 million order for her wife.

        This gave Charlie wade the feeling that it was like someone was secretly watching himself and pointing a gun at him, but instead of bullets, the gun was firing candy.

        Such a huge contrast made Charlie wade even cry and laugh a little.

        When Claire saw that Charlie wade didn’t say anything, she asked him somewhat bottomlessly, “Honey, do you think this Miss Zhan, could she also be giving me such a big order because she’s begging you? Just like he gave Dad a Cullinan ……”

        Charlie wade nodded with a bland expression, “Yes.”

        Claire asked, “Then is it appropriate for me to take her order? If it’s not appropriate, I’ll politely decline it.”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly, “She is looking for you as a normal cooperation between A and B. If you want to take it, then take it, if you don’t want to take it, then refuse it, there is no need to ask my opinion.”

        Claire said awkwardly, “But this budget and this design fee she offered can already hire a very famous interior designer in China, there is absolutely no need to come to me …… The premium in this is too high, I am afraid that if I take it, you will owe her a favor… …In case you didn’t want to help her in the first place and ended up having to do so because of these trivialities, then it would be me giving you trouble.”

        Charlie wade laughed, “Honey, you shouldn’t have such a mental burden at all, what that Zhan Fei’er wants to beg me for is too big and far from being solved by such a tiny bit of sincerity.”