Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3771

        As soon as he hit his turn signal, the car behind him, even if it was a few dozen metres away, would immediately brake to let him change lanes first.

        The reason is that no one would dare to cut up with such a multi-million dollar luxury car.

        In case one is not careful to own the main responsibility or full responsibility, the three people insurance that one or two million amount, simply not enough to see.

        So, this also made Jacob’s vanity extremely satisfied.

        Walking on the road, he felt that he became the king of the road, and that feeling of being the only one to walk anywhere was something he had never experienced anywhere else in his life.

        Because of this, although his mouth was asking Charlie wade what he should do with the car, his heart was silently praying that Charlie wade would let him keep the car.

        As a result, before Charlie wade could say anything, Elaine said excitedly at this time, “Good son-in-law! Since this car has entered our family’s door, then we can’t say anything to give it away again!”

        She stroked the golden waistline on Cullinan’s body and said with pity, “I’ve never been in a Rolls Royce in my life! Although this villa is the best in Aurous Hill, our family’s car is not really worth it in this community. “

        Jacob raised his hands in agreement with Elaine’s words and immediately echoed, “Yes, good son-in-law! Your mother is right! Our family doesn’t lack anything but a luxury car!”

        In fact, Charlie wade had always had two top-of-the-line sports cars.

        Those two cars were given to him by Graham Quinton and Zeke White, a Bugatti Hermes co-branded model and an Aston Martin One77.

        However, because these two cars were too eye-catching and really not very practical, Charlie wade had never driven them home, and they had always been kept by Graham Quinton on his behalf.

        The two cars had been in his possession for so long that he had only used them when Claire’s high school friend Xiaoman got married.

        After that wedding, the two cars were dusted off again and have never been driven again until now.

        Moreover, although Elaine and Jacob had seen those two cars, she did not have the slightest doubt when Charlie wade told her that they were borrowed at that time.

        However, in her heart, Elaine had sprouted her innermost dream of a luxury car because of those two cars.

        Now that a Rolls-Royce Cullinan had been delivered to her yard, and it had been written in her husband Jacob’s name, then she could not let Charlie wade return the car, no matter what she said.

        She even thought that if Charlie wade really wanted to return this car, then she would simply lie under the wheels of this car!

        Whoever wanted to return the car, let him drive over himself!

        Charlie wade could see the hotness in his old man’s and mother-in-law’s eyes, however, he did not want to have too much to do with that Zhan Feier.

        However, when he thought about it, since this Zhan Feier had a ghost in her heart, he didn’t need to be polite to her.

        So, he said to Jacob, “Since both Dad and Mom like this car, let’s keep it.”