Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3761

        Phoebe was slightly stunned, and then laughed, “It seems that he is really not a normal low profile, he has to cover up even if he drives a BMW.”

        As she said that, she remembered something and said to Rukky Shan, “Shan Shan, use your mobile phone to connect to the car recorder and find out if you have just captured Charlie wade’s appearance.”

        Rukky Shan smiled cheekily and handed her phone to Phoebe, saying, “Miss, when you and Charlie wade went in just now, I had already directed the pictures from the car recorder, and I chose some of the clearer ones, so you can take a look.”

        Phoebe said appreciatively, “You’re good, Shan Shan, you’re getting better and better.”

        Rukky Shan smiled, “Miss, following you around, the speed of progress is very fast.”

        Phoebe smiled faintly and took the phone and carefully flipped through it.

        As it was Charlie wade who arrived first just now, and as Charlie wade was waiting outside the car, the Cadillac had captured very clear image data as it approached Charlie wade, and the photos Rukky Shan had intercepted were also very clear.

        Satisfied, Phoebe said, “I have to go and meet with Smith of the FDA and show him these photos to see if that Director Charlie wade was Charlie wade when he was negotiating with Jiu Xuan Pharmaceutical at that time.”

        Saying that, she said to Rukky Shan, “Shan Shan, contact Smith for me and ask him to come out for a meeting, just say I have something I want to ask him face to face.”




        On his drive back, Charlie wade kept feeling that something wasn’t quite right somewhere.

        In his mind, that driver of Phoebe’s instantly came to mind, and a realization dawned on him.

        What was not right was that this young woman was able to carry a six-star martial artist by her side.

        This was almost the strongest bodyguard he had seen so far.

        To be able to have a six-star martial artist, stay by her side as a bodyguard, from this perspective alone, the strength of the family behind this Zhan Feier was likely far above the Wade Family.

        If the Wade family could have had a six-star martial artist pressuring them, Lu Haotian of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall would never have dared to bring a coffin directly to the Wade family residence.

        If even she could have a six-star martial artist as a bodyguard, then I’m afraid that the experts at the disposal of this family would not be as simple as just one six-star martial artist.

        It was even possible that there were multiple six-star martial artists, and perhaps even higher-level martial artists.

        According to the market price of a six-star martial artist of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple, the price would start from at least US$200 million a year.

        Moreover, the six-star martial artists of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall are all used as great generals to lead their troops into battle and are unlikely to accept employment alone, so it is even more unlikely that they would go to work for someone as a bodyguard.

        If a family kept three or five six-star martial artists, the cost of that would probably be over a billion dollars a year.

        This amount is an absolutely staggeringly astronomical figure; how many large families in the country worth hundreds of billions of dollars do not have a net profit of one billion dollars at the end of the year?

        Take the Moore Group for example, although it has a market capitalisation of a hundred billion dollars, its net profit at the end of the year is only three to five billion RMB, and that is even if the market is good.

        If Jasmine were to hire a six-star martial artist, then the cost of that one person might catch up with half of the net profit of the entire Moore Group.

        Thinking of this, he immediately called Wan Breaking Jun.

        As soon as the call was answered, Charlie wade directly ordered, “Broken Jun, check for me if there is a Chinese family with the surname Zhan in France, and by the way, find out how strong this family is!”