Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3756

When Charlie wade arrived at Shui Yun Villa, Phoebe had not yet arrived.

        Charlie wade gave her a call and heard her say that she still had ten minutes to drive, so he simply waited at the entrance of the community.

        Originally, he wanted to say hello to Graham Quinton at his home, but thinking that there was not that much time left, he decided not to bother.

        Ten minutes later, a low-profile Cadillac sedan drove up to Charlie wade’s side.

        As soon as the car stopped, the rear door opened and a young woman, who was only in her early twenties, stepped out of the car.

        The first time he saw Phoebe, Charlie wade felt a little stunned because this woman not only had a delicate appearance, a tall and S*xy figure, but also had a valiant demeanour in the whole person’s aura.

        Phoebe looked at Charlie wade, who was standing at the front of the car, and knew at a glance that this was the same Master Wade she had met at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace a few days ago. At this moment, her heart was completely at ease as she walked up to Charlie wade and said with a smile, “You must be Mr. Wade, right?”

        Charlie wade smiled faintly and said blandly, “Miss Zhan, isn’t it? I’m Charlie wade.”

        Phoebe took the initiative to extend her hand to Charlie wade and said graciously, “Hello Mr. Wade, I’m Zhan Feier.”

        Charlie wade nodded and shook her hand gently before getting straight to the point and said, “Miss Zhan, let’s take a look at your villa now.”

        “Good!” Phoebe said with a smile, “Mr. Wade please.”

        At this moment, a man and a woman came down from the front row of the Cadillac, the man was Phoebe’s bodyguard and the woman was Phoebe’s a*sistant Rukky Shan.

        Rukky Shan spoke up at this moment, “Miss, let’s accompany you inside.”

        Phoebe waved her hand and said, “No, you two just wait for me in the car, I will go in with Mr. Wade.”

        The bodyguard said with a straight face, “Miss, the master has instructed me to keep you safe outside at all times, I will go in with you so that I will not affect you and Mr. Wade.”

        Charlie wade glanced at the bodyguard, and with just one glance, he noticed that the bodyguard was actually a martial artist as well, and his strength was considerable, having already reached the strength of a six-star martial artist.

        This caused Charlie wade to be a little surprised and he thought to himself, “This Zhan Fei’er has a six-star martial artist as her bodyguard when she goes out, this is already at the level of the Four Battle Kings of the Dragon Palace. strength, must be extraordinary!”

        Phoebe did not know that Charlie wade had seen through her bodyguard’s strength in just one glance. The reason she did not want her bodyguard to follow her was that she thought there would be no danger here, and secondly, she thought that she was using another identity to contact Charlie wade after all, so she naturally had to be extremely careful in this situation so as not to reveal her footprints, so she should try not to bring others along.

        So she said in a tone of voice that left no doubt: “The security in Aurous Hill is very good, and it’s broad daylight and in such a high-end community, there will definitely not be any danger, so you two don’t need to say much, just wait for me in the car.”

        After saying that, she didn’t wait for the two to respond and said directly to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, let’s go!”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded, and then entered the gates of Water Cloud Villa with Phoebe.

        And Phoebe’s bodyguards and a*sistants, as expected, did not follow him anymore.

        Once inside the Water Cloud Villa, Phoebe took Charlie wade straight to the lake.

        The biggest selling point of the Water Cloud Villa was that it was located halfway up the mountain and on the shore of the Aurous Hill Reservoir.

        The environment and scenery of this place is excellent, and staying here is definitely a paradisiacal experience.

        However, the only regret is that it is far away from the city, so if you really go in and out of the city during the rush hour, the traffic will be inconvenient.

        If he had come here in the evening after work, the journey would have taken more than twice as long.

        In this Water Cloud Villa, the most expensive buildings are the villas next to the reservoir, there are only five of them, two of which were bought by Graham Quinton, and at great cost, they were added and converted into a set.