Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 3755

        As soon as she heard Charlie wade say that he was willing to give herself two more gold bricks, the original imbalance in her heart immediately dissipated.

        Moreover, she even felt that amulets like that must have come wholesale from the small commodity market, and would only cost a few dollars or so, which could not compare to the value of two gold bricks.

        Now she had made a fortune!

        So she clapped her hands happily and said, “Oh, that’s great! I’m not going to go out for a while as my legs are not yet well, and it would be a waste to give me an amulet of safety. Thank you, my good son-in-law!”

        Claire, seeing her mother’s money-obsessed look, shook her head helplessly and carefully put away the amulet given by Charlie wade, before she said softly to Charlie wade, “Honey, then Dad and I will leave first.”

        “Good.” Charlie wade nodded and said to Jacob, “Dad, remember to keep the amulet with you, don’t lose it.”

        Jacob also put the amulet in his pocket and nodded, “Hey, don’t worry, you can’t lose it!”

        As father and daughter drove away, Charlie wade stood in the courtyard and made a call directly to Zhan Feier, also known as Phoebe.

        Phoebe had been waiting for his call since last night and hadn’t even slept much all night.

        She had asked her a*sistant Rukky shan to get a new mobile phone number and had also bought a new phone to hold the card. Since it was a new number, no one knew about it, so as soon as she heard the phone ring, she immediately became excited.

        Holding back her excitement, Phoebe deliberately waited for the phone to ring twice before picking it up and asking very politely, “Hello.”

        Charlie wade opened his mouth and asked, “Hello, is this Miss Zhan Feier?”

        Hearing Charlie wade’s voice, Phoebe immediately concluded that it was the same voice she had heard when she had first met Charlie wade at Buckingham(Shangri-la) Palace.

        She immediately knew Charlie wade’s identity, but still pretended to be calm and asked, “May I ask who you are?”

        Charlie wade then said, “Hello, my name is Charlie wade, and Jacob is my father-in-law.”

        Phoebe said with a sudden realization, “You are the master who reads feng shui, as Vice President Wilson said, right?”

        Charlie wade smiled slightly, “I’m not a master, I just know a little bit about it, I don’t know what specific needs does Miss Zhan have for feng shui?”

        Phoebe then said, “I just bought a second-hand villa in Aurous Hill, and I haven’t started redecorating it yet, so I want to ask Mr wade to help me see how the feng shui of this villa is.”

        Charlie wade smiled, “If it’s to look at the feng shui of the house foundation, most people look at the feng shui first before buying a house, Miss Zhan’s house has already been bought, if there are any problems with the feng shui of the house foundation, then it might be more troublesome to change it.”

        Phoebe smiled, “It doesn’t matter, if the feng shui of this house doesn’t work, then let’s put it aside for the time being, when the time comes, I will have to ask Mr Wade to help me choose another house with better feng shui.”

        Charlie wade saw that the other party was indeed rich and generous, so he didn’t say anything more and asked her, “Where is Miss Zhan’s villa located? If you see what time is convenient, I will go over and show you.”

        Phoebe was busy saying, “The villa is in Water Cloud Villa, I don’t know if Mr Wade has an impression of it, as for the time, I can go anytime, and it’s no problem now.”

        Charlie wade thought, he didn’t have anything to do in the morning, so he might as well just get this done, so he said, “I know the Water Cloud Villa, why don’t I drive there now?”

        “Good!” Phoebe hurriedly said, “Then I am also heading there now, let’s meet at the entrance of the Water Cloud Villa later!”

        “No problem, see you later.” When Charlie wade finished speaking, he hung up the phone, turned around and returned to the villa, took the keys and drove Claire’s BMW out of Townsend One.

        The Water Cloud Villa was on the edge of the Aurous Hill Reservoir in the suburbs, a few dozen kilometres away from the city, slightly remote. Charlie wade had been to the Water Cloud Villa twice before, as Graham Quinton’s family’s villa was in this neighborhood, so he was familiar with it, and drove directly out of the city, and headed in the direction of the Water Cloud Villa.